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So where are you skiing this season?

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Maybe it's wishful thinking but winter is almost upon us...

So have you bought your pass?

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Nope. I have a short list of places I want to try so I am holding off on buying a season pass until I get some more time on the snow and get to know the local hills.

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Good god, yes.  I can't afford the late season purchase, right now it's 50% more than in the spring and soon it'll be almost double. 

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Yup, I'll be at Steven Pass again this year, and have my pass already.





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Where the beer flows like wine.


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Mt Hood Meadows Season pass

Mt Hood Ski Bowl Night pass

Timberline spring pass


Hope to make some trips to Stevens, and down to Bach.

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Originally Posted by blizzimages View Post

Where the beer flows like wine.


Oh, put a cork in it.

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Going with these passes again this year for the local areas:


Silver Mountain Pass

Mt Spokane Pass

Schweitzer Spring Pass

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Oh, put a cork in it.



sorry...just a quote from a movie



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Went for the Epic Pass this year. Haven't skied Heavenly in a few years so that will be nice. Also, going to Colorado, so it will be nice to use the pass at Vail, Breck & A Basin.

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My wife and I have had our Squaw passes since May.  My daughters have been signed up for Mighty Mites since June.  I probably saved enough on early season pricing to buy a pair of skis.


Can't wait...

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Full passes for Fernie, mid-week passes for Castle

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I'll be at Magic again.  I don't have my pass yet, but will be getting one.  I'm a student, so the pass prices don't rise, but you do need to have a letter from the registrar (so I can't pre-order online).

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i'll be skiing way up in Canada this year eh. Up there at Marmot Basin

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I picked up an advantage card (discount/frequents skier card) that is good at the three closest hills to me, Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail in PA.  I plan on skiing all three of those areas plus will likely visit Wisp in Maryland and Timberline in West Virginia as well. Most of these visits will be in preparation for the Epicski Tahoe gathering in late February/early March.  I'm definitely looking forward to the chance to ski Squaw, Mt Rose, Alpine Meadows, Northstar, Heavenly, and Kirkwood with others on Epicski.

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Mt. Baker season pass

Stevens Pass weekday pass

Whistler Edge Card


Time for snow.

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With just a touch of luck, from Utah back to Crystal Mt, WA.


With lots of stops in between.

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Have my college pass to cannon, bretton woods, cranmore, and waterville. I've had it 3 years running and have yet to use it any where besides cannon.

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Stowe because we re the best and according to ski mag we tell alot of people about it as well.

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Same old places in Colorado, but I'm excited to add California (Squaw, and the other Gathering areas) to the list this season -- and Kitzbuhel, too. Trying to get to Aspen, but not sure if I can fit it in with everything else. (I know, I know, a terrible pity... file it under First-World Problems. I think I'm giving up my annual March trip to Palm Springs, though, the sacrifices we must make...)

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No season pass, but I will be following our race circut in Western NY and North East OH (don't laugh) plus I have a trip to Mammoth in late January and Big Sky late in March.  Should get my 30+ days in,


Ski On!


Rick G

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Originally Posted by blizzimages View Post

Where the beer flows like wine.



Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Oh, put a cork in it.


Originally Posted by blizzimages View Post



sorry...just a quote from a movie



Cantunamunch is the kind of guy who got it.......... was just making a play on words. 


As for me;


Epic Pass to cover North* and Heavenly, plus take me on my usual adventures in Coloradoyahoo.gif





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Winter Park, with a couple of trips to Copper in December.

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I just bought a midweek Sugar Bowl pass. Not the most hardcore of Tahoe resorts, but it's the closest to me, and I don't have storage space or a roof rack for skis of my own right now, so their free rental gear thing is big for me. This way I can throw on some warm clothes, drive for an hour and a half, and spend two or three hours on the hill without having to feel like crap for wasting half of an $80 or whatever pass. Lots of snow and less wind trouble is also a factor that makes it a good fit for my unpredictable schedule.

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Got the family a season pass to Bachelor (our home mountain) but we've also scheduled a week ski vacation based in Park City.


I also will be treating myself to a "business trip" to Big Sky, no friends or family allowed to come.

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Same old same old, Ontario Canada, unless I win a big lottery prize then it's British Columbia and Alberta..  Only thing is I will get a season's pass to the local speed bump this year (Adanac ski hill in Sudbury).

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First trip, Davos (because of a free lift ticket deal, and because it's one of the resorts I've wanted to ski).


Second trip, somewhere in France (could be Flaine if friends are going with me, could be Chamonix if I'm on my own doing a trip with the Ski Club of GB).


Third trip, either Tignes with Ski Club of GB or somewhere in NW Italy on my own, depending on how Trip 2 works out.


Fourth trip, trying to talk my brother into Snowbasin area but might end up in Whistler, depending on what his boss (my sister-in-law) decides.




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Got my season pass again to Summit at Snoqualmie/Alpental. Down side is that it's 2620 miles away from home. Upside is that I have a free guest room available 150 yds from the lift at my sons house. Plan to visit once or twice and while here at home ski XC out my back door with a few powder days at Brantling. Only 250' vert but on weekdays after a lake effect dump they don't groom and I end up being the only one riding the T bar. Definitely want to get back into Tuckerman Ravine for a tour and It's nice to have a brother with a home near Sunday River to crash at.

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Originally Posted by blizzimages View Post

Where the beer flows like wine.


Me too! 


I've seen your vids and know a lot of the guys you ski with, but I'm not sure I know who you are?   I'm a lot older and probably know your parents. 

I mostly ski with Hanley.



I'll also probably hit Alta/Bird a couple of times and I've got a BC Safari planned that I should be able to check off Red, Whitewater, KHMR and RMR.

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Killington mid-week pass because it's the closest place to my ski house.


Also bought a bunch of ski VT. passes so I can ski other VT. areas relatively inexpensively.


Usually drive over to NH. a few times when Cannon & Wildcat have their 2 for days.


Take advantage of Stowe's ski club appreciation days when they offer cheap tics to ski club members.


Employee discount tics for Sugarbush (I have a friend who works there).


Sometimes head out west in April when travel agencies are looking to unload there leftover package deals cheaply.

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