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Best Park and Pipe Ski

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ok so im looking to buy a new park ski. ill be doing 50% park 50% all mountain. i live on the east coast so i ski light powder and piste. my budget is between 400 and 500. ill mainly be doing rails, boxes and small jumps (no 75 footers). i want something that has a cool graphic to show off a little but not to over the top (not like zombies and stuff). I need a ski around 171 cm max. i really like alot of skis but they're like 173 and thats too big, so somthing between 167-171.

A few ski i like is the salomon suspect but i hear the edges break... will this apply to me if im just doing rails??? Thanks guys


ps: im 14 years old, 5'8, 155lbs, intermediate-advanced skier

post #2 of 4       go to this website and look at the line blend their the perfect mix of park and all mountain but mostly park. They have them in 168 cm is that ok?

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Armada AR7 would be perfect for 50/50 in a 166 for you, or even 171.



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You should get the the stanston k-10.

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