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I now REALLY need a new ski

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I just sold my trusted Volkl AC4's  It was time.  I have to be honest, now I almost wished I never sold them.  I'm reading totally mixed reviews on the RTM 84's.  Yes, all the magazines ranked it high but there are mixed writeups.  I ski mainly east coast, Killington, Stratton, Mad River Glen.  I'm expert.  I have no idea what ski I should laser on now.  I guess the RTM's but someone was saying the "team" that made the AC4-AC50's left Volkl and now work at Blizzard and thats why the Blizzards are a great ski now?  HUH?  I need help.  thanks

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I'd be skeptical of that "insider" information about Volkl and Blizzard personel, at least as pertains to ski engineering and design.


Nothing I see going on now at Blizzard resembles the engineering concepts of the AC Unlimited model series, which was a cap construction ski.  Those deep channels and angular raised spines running the length of the ski are formed in the cap and provide the flex characteristics of the ski. This concept is about 10 years old.


Blizzards new flipcore model series is a sandwich construction. totally different ideas. no overlap at all. Blizzard maintains that this is a new concept.


check this, guys, but I think it's correct.

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Nice thanks.  Any suggestion on what new boards I should be leaning towards? Not being able to demo anything really hasnt put me in a good situation

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You'll need to post up what your terrain and skiing style preference is - and maybe start first on the Blizzard Bonafide thread (search) to get a feel for what people are talking about as a one quiver ski.  I think that you'll get lots of branches of thought off this thread and maybe that will help you get to a short list.  


Because otherwise what most responses to the Volkl AC series are going to be that it is a frontside ski and there are much better options for an all-mountain expert.


The Crazy 88's thread is a very good one as well as a starting point.

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If I needed a pair of skis, I would just look through these offerings: http://www.backcountry.com/alpine-fat-skis

I bought the TST as a possible everyday ski this season, but there are other skis there I really like too.

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FWIW, people here I respect seem to feel the RTM's are a very good skis, significantly better than the AC series. That said, I also feel that for several years now, Blizzard has been making the skis Volkl should have been making. I'd be surprised if any RTM is as versatile for the east as the Blizzard 8.1 or 8.7 Magnums. Incidentally, heard the same rumor, but cannot find any evidence it's true. More likely that Volkl just pulled a GM; keep tweaking a once popular design past its shelf life, while Blizzard and others innovated.  

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Thanks guys.  As I mentioned before I ski mainly east coast, Killington, Stratton, MRG.  I'm expert, pretty much rip through all aspects of the mtn throughout the day.  I like my days to be a mix of everything.  I have a pair of Katana's which are fine on powder days but anything than that they are worthless.  I need a ski no wider than 90 which is is pushing it.  Its just so hard to ski a fatter ski here.  I'd be skidding out on the east coast bullet proof ice.  I love how all the ski tests this year were done at Snowbird.  Please.


I've talked to a bunch of people at local shops and to be honest, no one is jumping for joy over any ski this year.  They all have their positives and negatives about this that and the other but no one gives you a clear cut answer on anything.  Pretty annoying.  


Ski industry is so bizarre really.  Every year they come out with some new approach to why this is the year for this type of ski.  This year its all about Rocker.  Personally I think its just another way for them to try to sell their product.  


I'm "this" close to pulling the plug on all of these and calling Wagner and have him build me a pair of boards from scratch.  I ride a Moots mtn bike why the hell not right?  This whole search for a new pair of skis is getting a little goofy.

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I ski east also, and while I've been amazed at how well some of the fatter skis carve...I don't think there's any compelling reason to go much wider than 88 in the east unless you want a dedicated powder/trees/off-piste ski.  And, there's a number of reasons to ski a slightly narrower ski: quickness, weight, hard snow holding capacity.

Personally, I never really liked the Volkl AC series all that much.  I thought they were bland and w/o personality.  But there are some good east coast skis out there.  I've only seen good things about the RTM series, though you say reaction is mixed.  I've heard very positive things about the Nordica Firearrow series.  Myself, I've skied the Blizzard Magnum 8.1, and if I were buying an east coast ski tomorrow, I'd just go there w/o any further testing.  The Kastle MX 78 gets rave reviews as do past season's Dynastars -- the Contact series (they've changed the name of the series this year and I don't know anything about this new group).  I have the Contact 4x4 from two seasons ago and I think it's a great east coast ski.  I've even skied them in shin-deep and been happy.



The first thing is to decide where and what you ski.  Lots of people here will push you wider, and if you DO ski off-piste and in the trees that makes some sense.  But if you're a trails-only skier, wider skis are not a particular benefit. 

I think one problem is that hard snow, piste skis have pretty much reached their design maturity for right now.  There's not a lot of innovation in this portion of the market.  So there's not that much excitement in the design/sales world.  But I think a newer, fresher on-piste ski will be a big improvement over your AC 40's.

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Thanks TCH.  I totally agree with you.  The "microbrew skis" out there I see from Wagner and Ski Logik are interesting (and beautiful) however to drop 2k on a pair of boards right now, hmmmmm. Plus, I can see these getting stolen at Killington. :(   I'm going to talk some more to my local shop and probably be able to narrow things down.  They demo'd the RTM's last Spring, some of the guys liked them, others said they were "ok,"  no game changers but they did say they saw an improvement over the Volkls of past.  They all liked he Blizzards.  Most accurate comment across the board was "y'know, we dont always have Snowbird like conditions at Killington in January so don't take Ski Magazine's reviews too seriously."  Excellent point.  Thanks

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