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Buying first shaped skis

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Hello everyone I am new here. I am going to buy my first pair of shaped skis. I have been using the old straight skis from the early 90's or late 80's. I have been using 175cm skis. I am about 5'10 in shoes and weigh 180lb. I ski in minnesota so nothing huge mostly groomed hills. I would consider myself an intermediate skier. I would go about 3 times a week last season. I mostly just pleasure ski I don't really do anything crazy. I will be buying online and have been looking at Blizzard Magnum 7.4 but I can't decide what size to get either 163cm or 170cm. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? Thanks

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Only gapers refer to them as shaped skis. They are just called skis now.

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Well thanks for being completely not helpful

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Go with the 170cm, at your height and weight 163 will be too short.

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I've been skiing Blizzard for the last three years and they are great skis. The 7.6 or 7.4 in a 170 will be perfect for you.

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Sorry for the annoying response, and welcome to epicski.  As the season starts up there are a lot of "what ski to buy" threads and it seems to be random luck whether they catch attention and start a flurry of responses or not.


In general, for a small midwestern hill, and an introduction to modern skis, you want a short-turn-radius carver (SL style) in a short length, say 165-ish.


This assumes you want to fully buy-in to modernization, not ski old style on new skis (and I say that as an old guy who had to completely rework his technique just before age 50).


Hopefully someone who knows the Blizzard line can comment.  Unfortunately, I don't pay too much attention to the current crop of skis in the years I'm not shopping for myself.


Edit -- Hey, someone who knows something (Whiteroom) stepped in while I was typing.  Listen to him, he knows his skis.

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Welcome to EpicSki!


In general this should be valid :


Shorter skis turn easier, but tend to be more wobbly or unstable at higher speed, so it depends on your preference. 

Also, shorter skis will be easier to make slalom-like turns on ( shorter radius ), while a longer ski will be more stable at high speed and will typically have a longer radius ( geant slalom turn).


If possible, demo the skis in the two sizes you're contemplating buying.


I'm about your height ( 179 cm ) and ski lenghts between 164 - 195 on shaped skis, and up to 210 on straight skis. I guess I'm a gaper too,  as I also call them shaped and straight/pencil skis.


Hope this helps.


Happy skiing!



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Thank you everyone for the advice I really appreciate it! I think I will go with the 170cm in the Magnum 7.4. Kinda scary buying online but hoping for the best!

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