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Elan skis?

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Are Elan skis known to be of poor quality? After skiing a pair of Whistler 5s for 3 days, the riser plates separated!
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I've had problems and seen problems with most brands of skis over the years, Elan isn't any worse (or better) than the other major manufacturers. Certain models within any vendors line may have problems, haven't heard about that with Whistlers - but maybe we will.
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Hi Ant--those skis are brand new, right? They certainly will take care of them under warranty if there's a problem. On the other hand, when bindings pull out of skis these days, it's usually a sign that they were improperly mounted. If they over-torque the screws, or screw them in too quickly with a power drill, it seriously reduces their holding ability. That would be the shop's fault, and they should be responsible for making it right.

Good luck! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I would have said the opposite concerning Elan that they are noted for their quality. I'm searching hard for a new or used pair of 163 HCX's!
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The risers are rubbery things with metal topplates, and the riseres are in 2 chunks, bolted together. The top chunk lifted right off! The bindings were mounted into the top chunk, so they came right off too. The bolt holding the top chunk had pulled out of the bottom chunk. Bit of a worry, as I hadn't done anything much on them yet...hadn't gone through any bumps, even, as they'd set my bindings on 8 and I wanted to adjust that before bumping.

Mountain Sports agreed to give me a replacement pair: they were going to do the "we have to send them back" stunt. My attitude was, I'd paid money for tools with which to teach and cheat my way through Level 2; I expected to have something for my money, not get the skis at the end of the season.

grumble! So I got the 2nd pair mounted up last night, but i'm on race crew today and would rather have the Stocklis on the course, they've got stronger edge hold.

I hope the Elans are OK now, as they are actually a nice little ski, and do what I ask of them very nicely. For the price, they're a good ski, provided they stay intact! The mounting guys and the shop people said they've had a few come back with this problem, but maybe it's just a bad batch.

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I'm probably tempting fate here, but so far so good on the little whistlers. Did cert 2 training yesterday, we did a lot of one legged stuff (the trainer is a kiwi, and for kiwi and Oz level 2 you do one legged skiing..we were working on strong rotation skills) and some bumps, and the skis did well. For the price, they are very good indeed, you can carve them strongly and their light weight makes things easy. I still can't tell if they're soft or stiff, but they're easier to ram through moguls than the Stocklis!
I hope they hold together, as they certainly do the job for me. And they match my sunglasses...

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