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New member, and a "what ski to buy" query

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Hi There,


First post - of course its gonna be about needing something lol


looking for another set of skis for my quiver.


I primarily ski Whistler/Blackcomb, about 30 times/year. height is 5 9, weight 180 lbs. Fairly aggressive skier (zero fear of speed on groomed, a bit slower on deep n steep, but will ski anywhere on the mountain).


my skis currently consist of the following:


2007 K2 Public Enemy - 174 length (i think) - purchased these as something to do, and fell in love w them as my all mountain skis - I probably use these more then any others I currently own


2009 Rossignol classic cx80 - 175 length (i think) - these are my springtime / all day groomer skis - love em for high speed carving - hate em off piste / in bumps - but that is not what I have these for


2009 Rossignol S5 Barras - 171 length  -  were supposed to be my "powder" skis - but I truly dislike em as if I shift my weight too far forward, the tips submerge something fierce - sneaky suspicion I went too short on these units - but they are fun through the trees......



So I am looking for something to replace my S5 barras first, and eventually something to replace my K2 public enemys.


Not really concerned about the $$$, I just want a ski that I will be comfortable with on dedicated powder days.


Really not sure about all the new camber/etc on the skis.....needin some guidance......


Any advice is appreciated.

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Sounds like you're looking for something with a bit more girth & a some rocker. If you're leery about jumping into a fully rockered ski, you can go with one of the newer camber + rocker models.  If I were you, I would get my hands on a buyers guide and peruse the ski reviews on multiple sites online (here, REI, Backcountry.com, Skiing magazine, etc.) to help you narrow your search. At your weight & affinity for speed (especially if you like bombing through powder) you should be looking for something around 180 cm with a waist above 100mm. (You can go longer w/ a rockered ski because the rocker makes pivoting & turning much easier.)

Then you should demo a couple pairs to find that perfect match!


All mountain skis that have gotten pretty good reviews:

K2 Kung Fujas

Atomic Blog

Volkl Gotama

Rossi S3 & S6 (Sickle)

Liberty Helix

4Frnt Turbo

Salomon Czar

Icelantic Nomad (non-rockered)


I've been on Scott P4s (181cm) for the past couple years & love them in most conditions. Very fun, poppy and effortless to turn. They're not rockered, but they are wide enough to make skiing everything but deep flyweight pow a complete blast.  They're a bit too short for my weight in those conditions (215 lbs), so I'm in the market for something longer & rockered. 

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Thanks for the ideas....much appreciated. Really like the looks of the kung fujas and the 4fronts. Also loking into the priors. Now for some snow to fall so I can go get some demos in.......



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185 Cochise!!


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