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Right skis and ski sizes HELP!!!

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im 14 5'8 155lbs and id say im an advanced skier.

  Ive been wondering for a while what ski to get and what size to get.

i mainly ski on the east coast on light powder-piste. Im really looking for a park ski that can also do well on the trails. My budget is around 500. 

Ive narrowed it down to 

Armada Ar7 (durable)

Salomon Suspect (frail i hear, but ill only be doing rails)

Rossi Storm (looks sick + rossi is a great brand)

Please add others if u feel they meet to my specs.






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Where you ski and type of terrain, and maybe your budget would help narrow things down a bit,otherwise you might end up all over the map.

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i ski mainly on the east coast (blue mountain) budget is no more then 500 and terrain is light powder/piste


also what size skis do u think i should get??? if im 5'8 155 lbs???


and the skis ive narrowed it down to are


Armada AR7

Salomon Suspeect

Rossi Storm

Atomic Punx

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In this price range I would throw in the Line Prophet Flite, somewhere in the 170 range because it is a twin. This would make a nice versatile East Coast go to ski for youIMO.

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Im mainly looking for park skis. Can u tell me what uve hear about these skis

Line Afterbang

Rossi Storm

Armada Ar7

Salomon Suspect

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I have heard pretty good things about the Line Afterbang, not too familiar with the others. To add to that list, the Fischer Addict is a nice park ski that you could take all over, and also the Volkl Wall. I have skied both of those.  Hope this helps,   Dave

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i saw the vokl wall and heard really good things...... but to answer a question for my brother,

if my brother is just sking rails and small jumps will the salomon suspect hold up???? he loves the design and all its specs but people say the edges break after 2 months. will this appply if hes just doing rails and small jmps?? thanks he appriciates it

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The topsheets of most park skis get torn up to bits and is inevitable, rails and edges do a number on them. That being said, the Addict has the most durable build of all park skis that I have seen. I guess it really depends upon how rough the skier is to them, a yes or no answer is tough.

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thanks man.... sorry to bug u about this ur a huge help..... but umm do u know a site where i can get skis very cheap??? and maybe a site where u can get earlier models???/ i really like the Salomon suspect and armada ar7 from last year but i cant find any on the net, only new version which are 100$ more and have horendous graphics. thanks man

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I would start by asking on this site, there are many supporters here that may have a leftover of one of those two skis, and may be able to offer you a deal. if not, Ebay may have something to offer for you, try to keep it in the family first if you know what I mean.

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