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Obviously these two statements are contradictory. I think you have to decide what you want b/c the answer to each is different. I'll assume that #2 is the real question. For this, you'll probably want something in a "wide carver" configuration. IMO....the best in this category is the Blizzard Mag 8.7. The Experience 88 is pretty good in almost any condition but yes, it has a lot of shape and for sure will get a little hooky in some conditions. If that bothers you, I'd suggest the Dynastar Legend 85 which has slightly better grip than the Exp 88 but also has a lot more tip-tail taper and hence less tendency to hook. The previously mentioned Solly Enduro (800 or 850) are also good choices. Given your groomer bias, the suggestions of 100+ mm skis are just absurd.




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I will echo the 8.7.  Great on firm snow for a relatively wide ski.


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