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Need some advice

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Wondering what the main differences are between junior racing skis and adult racing skis. When would you switch over, if you're right on the borderline height-wise?


Atomic race skis vs. volkl race skis: preferences and why? 


Thanks in advance!

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It's all about the flex and having the weight to properly decamber and engage the ski at the speeds and turns you are making.


I'm just guessing that typically at about 125 lbs you should be on adult skis, but I'm sure there are others here who are more familiar with the available skis and I could be off on that weight.

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Hi, thanks for the response!


I used to race (4 yrs ago) and have not switched from race skis to all-mountain skis, nor do I wish to! :P I am 17 and a female, but I haven't made the switch from jr skis to adult skis yet. (We weren't entirely sure when to switch over.) I have been skiing on volkl racetigers (SL) and have been pretty happy, albeit a little "mushy." Last year I tried skiing on a pair of adult atomic race skis (not sure of the make) and loved them! I am a very aggressive skier, and do most skiing in the midwest (icy!). 


Trying to do some pre-season research! What are your experiences with either or both?

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