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"Sorta" AT Setup?

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Hey Everybody, long time listener, first time caller...


So was looking into getting more into touring/backcountry/sidecountry, and was looking for a versatile setup that I could use to skin up a mountain, but also beefy enough take through the trees, crud, and off-piste inbounds at the resort as well. Currently I use my Volkl AC30's to carve up the piste.


Me: Male, 185lbs, 6'4", upper-advanced, enjoy beautiful sunsets, and long walks on the beach.


What's y'all's opinion on something like this:


Skis: Volkl Nanuq

Bindings: Solomon STH 12 Driver with an MFD binding plate (


I'd be using my current Atomic B-tech 120 boots.


Am I underestimating the weight of something like this for skinning? I really have no AT experience... Ideally I'd like my carving skis, powder skis, and also AT setup, but the wallet says otherwise, so I'm trying to combine my off-piste powder skis with my desire for Touring into one set. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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yup,  that can work. also look at dukes/barons for a binding too.


If you are touring you also need beacon, shovel, probe, partner and avi training too. 

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Never seen those plates before, interesting idea. I fyou need only a 12 din binder then I think marker tours would be lighter and ski just as well.

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The MFD is brand new this year, but has an impressive pedigree and is getting tested and endorsed by folks who ski incredibly aggressively.  It's also designed to permit swapping among skis, which is a plus.


That said, they are a heavy duty solution.  Note, for instance, that the Look compatible model does not work with the PX series, only the Pivot/FKS.  These are for skiers who are willing to take on added weight on the uphill for greater security on the down -- people for whom a Duke might not be burly enough.


Given your description, unless you are planning to swap skis, I'd go with the Marker Baron over the STH12/MFD combination.  It will be cheaper and lighter than the STH12/MFD, but like them, will not compromise your downhill.  I'm not sure that I agree with tromano about the Marker Tours for your needs; they are more uphill/backcountry while the Barons are more downhill/sidecountry, which means that they are lighter but may have some additional lateral slop.

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New AT bindings from Salomon/Atomic, allowing you to switch from hike to ski without taking off your skis. Probably 'pricey' though.

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All great points... The major drawback of the MFD plates I think is the price (and maybe the extra 1.3 lbs per ski).


To mntlion (to digress a bit): 100% agree about the avvy gear. Have done a lot of Cat skiing, and did take a full day avvy course (not a cert course). Was also able to get a great deal (i.e. free) on a Beacon, Probe, and Shovel, so am covered on that aspect. Witnessed a "controlled" (triggered) avalanche inbounds last season, and that definitely gave me a new perspective on the awesome power of an avalanche. Also a new-found respect for those pesky ski patrol "avalanche danger" ropes you aren't supposed to duck under!  I also know a bunch of skiers got caught in an inbounds slide at Fernie last season as well (which fortunately ended up with nobody buried). So to anyone else reading this thread: 99 times out of 100 you'll be fine, but that 1 time out of 100 (how many times do you ski out of bounds?) WILL come. Safety first!


Will definitely check out the Marker Baron and Tours, as well as the Atomic/Solomon bindings that 2meke mentioned. Am definitely still open to other suggestions as well. My main concern with AT bindings was the "compatibility" with alpine boots. Will have to do some more research on that I guess.


Thanks all!




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