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TR Double Header: Father/Son Yellowstone Fly Fishing & Camping October 2011

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A Fall trip to Yellowstone.  Yellowstone was just awesome this Fall.  I had several opps to get there and enjoy it.  Some pics


Blaze wanted to go fly fishing.  He is a great brother, but he still needs some time away from his sisters.  Actually, they may need the away time more than he does!  He is a thirteen year old bot, you know....


Just to make sure we aren't going too fast, we stopped to have a snack at Oxbow Bend just West of Moran. It s a super popular site to stop and look fr wildlife/take pics.


Oxbow Bwnd GTNP.jpg


We didn't want to go too slow either- so we moved right along so that Blaze could get to fish the Firehole. The weather was perfect. I had some reading and stuff to get done, so I just sat there and watched Blaze fish. The bus was running great. We were having a great time.





Blaze checking the lay of the land. He is a great son. There were some young boys living in our condo complex from Alabama. Man they were wild- they knew how to party! There were about 7 of them living in this place. Beer cans, whiskey bottles and more. They were very polite and respectful to our family (as you could imagine from well-reared Southern boys), they really liked Blaze. None of them were skiers- they were all here to fly fish. And most left after the Fall fishing season.  They wanted nothing to do with Winter.


I really thank them for Blaze's introduction to fly fishing. They were serious about it and were excellent tutors. One of them, Will was skilled at reading the water- and taught Blaze to have a watchful eye on the water.





Landing it in the hole:





As I write this, Bob Peters and Blaze are out fishing somewhere in Wilson, Wyoming.  


Blaze's b-day was in early September. Bob Peter's gave him a very special gift of hand tied flies and a specially constructed hardwood box he gives to real estate clients. Bob, being the Awesome Sage of Jackson Hole, gave Blaze two flies of each. One to save and copy, one to fish.


An heirloom gift it was!


A Bob Peters fly, doing what it was meant to do- in Yellowstone:




Yours truly. I have an oldish Harris Tweed jacket that lives permanently in the Bus. It is great for camping. I believe campfire smoke is good stuff. More people need access to campfire smoke. 


I don't fish- I'm saving that for later in life!  Hey, I was along for the easy living!





Blaze was getting the fire going. He was watching a U2 video on my iPhone. Where the Streets Have No Name is a favorite of mine and MTV played it in loops when I was in college. When watching those loops, never in my wildest dreams would I ever have such a great life- with my son!


It was great to be watching it with him- in Yellowstone's Madison Campground:





We try to set up a nice looking campsite. I firmly believe that you can't be good if you don't look good...and after years of fam camping (and living in the Bus a few times) we are pretty good at it. Everybody has their jobs. Blaze and I had a great time setting up this fabulous camp.


We put out luminaries along a log. It look great, and also prevented me from tripping over the log in that darkness.







We had two 0°F sleeping bags, two comforters and we were still cold. It was a record cold morning at Old Faithful just 30 miles down the road. It was the coldest 20°F I've felt in a while.


Maybe we're just soft after the summer.






We didn't have a thermometer, but this was at about 9:00 on the Madison River. It was a beautiful morning. Freezing.






I really have to credit two local fly shops for really helping Blaze out. First, the staff at our local Orvis is awesome. They are always ready to give a hand/advice/tie a knot. True pros.


The staff at Jack Dennis Outdoor Shop- on the town square- hosted a fly tying class this past Winter. We got him the class for Christmas. Each week- for about six weeks- he went and learned to tie flies under their expert tutelage. I was a bit concerned as these guys, students too, were smoking expensive cigars and drinking top end whiskeys.


No worry- it was all above board for Blaze- they all loved him.


Blaze doing his thing.  He loves to wear my staff hat.






Blaze on the Snake River just south of the South Entrance of Yellowstone:






One more awesome shot of a great son:







Me driving the Bus through the John Rockefeller Memorial Parkway between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.






ok...Ok... OK


I had to go to Bozeman for some ski stuff. Eden and I went to Bozeman for three days and passed through the Park both directions. Because the park was so beautiful, I gathered Blaze and turned right around the very next day.


Some fun pics of Eden. She wanted to go for a swim in Yellowstone Lake. Bravely, but quickly done.


Going in:


Swim 1.jpg



Getting out.  The water was bone chilling.  No. I mean really bone chilling.


After swim.jpg




While she was in the water, I started some soup! She stayed in way longer than I would have, but it was still a pretty quick dip.





Thanks for reading! Pray for snow!





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I'd never believe that's your son, he looks nothing like you.  biggrin.gif


It looks like a great time but time spent with your son makes it even better.

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ExcelleNt trip report.  From the look of the trees at Oxbow bend, your trip must've been a week or so later than mine.  We almost always go to Yellowstone and Grand Teton the last week in Sept or (more commonly) the first week in October. I think it is the best time to visit these parks.


We are not fishermen, but hikers.  Last weekend, we went for a hike in the Indian Peaks wilderness just above our home.  In a short 6.5 mile hike, we saw probably double or triple the number of people we saw in a full 8 days of hiking in Yellowstone and GTNP. You are so lucky to live there and to enjoy the time with your kids.  Congrats to you.



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Thanks for the pics - time with your son is always great.  You will appreciate this:  One morning I got up at aboiut 4 AM to go duck hunting and heard crying coming from my son's room.  Went in and found him sitting up in bed crying, when I ask whats wrong I got I want to go hunting too.  He was 5 years old.  When he was 6 I took him, to get across the rice paddies I through him over my should and carried him to the next chek.   Great times, great memories.   thanks.

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I love your bus trip TR's!


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Reading a SIJ family TR always brings a big smile to my face. I first met them in Jan. of 08 and renewed the friendship for the next 2 years - we were all much younger then. Team McDonald is force pulling me back to Jackson Hole.




Bring them east some summer to Sea Isle / Avalon, - we'll make them surfers!





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Great photos and write up, brings back good memories of our family trip to Yellowstone a few years ago. What fun that was.


On your trip East if you go, stop in Wisconsin and we will take you surfing on Lake Michigan to spoil you with our fine fresh water surfing.


Think snow!

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