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TR Double Header: Jackson Hole 2010-2011 Stoke intended to build 2011-2012 Stoke!!!

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Our season was superb last Winter. Maybe the best ski season ever.


Blaze suffered a slight bruise on his patella that put him on the bench on his 99th day, but other than that, we were all unscathed. Blaze sat it out for a few weeks, then moved into 100+ territory by season's end.




Here are a few fun pics of last season in Jackson Hole- in no particular order.


We started hiking the Headwall as a family. It was real treat. I would usually carry the little girls' skis, but Blaze and Eden would carry their own stuff. Sometimes Christy would carry Damaris' skis, but usually it was me.


Blaze again going up the Headwall. I figure we probably hiked the Headwall about 15-20 times as a family last season:








Whoops! A post season kayaking day slipped in here??? Blaze and I like to kayak in the small creek behind where we live:





Mrs. Skiing in Jackson on a rare solo day in Casper Bowl. The snow was perfect at the time the pic was taken, but by the time we met our kids at Casper Restaurant the snow had gotten a little heavy.


Still this is a great shot of the World's Best Ski Mom!






Damaris in the deepy goodness. For seven years old, she is a very strong skier. Sometimes great shots just happen. I like how the Gondola is just behind her. We ski Ranger Ridge frequently. My shop pals all laugh when they hear me shout “FAMILY RANGER RIDGE???” at the top of Bridger Gondola. We get to ski with a lot of visitors, VIPs, people I bootfit for and people looking to ski with us as a family. Ranger Ridge is a great place to size them up- before I next yell, “FAM TRAM???”






Mrs. SIJ again. I think this picture is on skier's right of Grand. We don't ski there often, but this day, it was a great choice. This day here was one of our best days of the season. Funny thing is, we had about 40 “Top Ten Days” last season.






Damaris in the skier's left of the Cirque. We ski the Cirque often, but not usually this far over. The Gang likes to ski the steeper, gnarly stuff on the right side just after the traverse. It is a hard sell to get them over to the fields of untracked pow- they want to drop in immediately.


Here Damaris, age 7:






Liberty is in there somewhere. This pic is great because she continued right past me. Liberty really has the spark. It is sooo much fun to watch her ski. She and Blaze are the ones that employees of the Village like to ski with. Both of them know most of the lifties on the mountain and know when who goes on what break.


Deepy Goodness Liberty.jpg




Eden up on the headwall. Wyoming became a state in 1890. To celebrate 100 years of statehood, a Mount Everest climb was organized and executed. I wasn't on the climb, but they all had special jackets made for the members of the summit team. We found this one for $5.00 at Browse and Buy. It had the initials of one of the lead climbers on the label- I guy who was a ski patroller at Snow King Mountain- my first job in JH was a liftie @ Snow King. He taught me a lot about skiing and climbing. It still had some expedition patched on it. She fell in love with the GIANT puffy jacket and wore it many days last year. While not a great pic of the jacket, one can feel the mojo it has.


Eden Everest Jacket.jpg




I was a little early on this pic, a beautiful Spring pow day. For racking up all the snow we got last season, we sure had a lot of days like this exceptional one.


I think this was in Moran Woods:





Eden, 15, marching up the Headwall. She is very strong. At times, I was the limiting factor going up the Headwall- sometimes I just didn't feel like carrying three pairs of skis. Eden would usually step up to the plate and carry Damaris' skis. Liberty didn't carry her skis. It was either me or Eden.





This cornice in Gannett Bowl is a daily hit. Blaze doing what he likes to do.





Even though the camera messed up this pic, I just had to put it in. At the top of the Headwall. We had sooo much fun this day- really everyday. This is why I ski:








This is Harkin Banks Jr. We skied with Harkin Banks one day- hopefully more this season. What a blast. These two were laughing it up pretty good at lunch, I just love this pic:






Liberty and her sisters doing a little carvy carve. That's what we call it- “carvy carve”. They love it, I love it. I like skiing the pow and all, but carvy carve makes for a really fun day. Liberty excelled last season on a K2 Bad Apple. It has very similar specs to a K2 Hellbent- just in a grommet size. She killed it on this ski. Wow.






Liberty again in the bottom of Jaws.






OMG! Liberty againz?


It was very cold this morning- in the low single digits- but is was a magical Jackson Hole pow day . I think Liberty asked me, “Is this what they mean by cold smoke???”


I answered, “Oh Yeah!!!”


Liberty Cold Smoke.jpg






Damairs and Liberty with the Mighty Jackson Hole Tram in the background. They loved seeing the tram. Nearly every day, they would stop and wave to people on the tram. I loved hearing from my friends and coworkers that they saw my little girls under the tram waving.






Marmot was very generous after the photo shoot Liberty participated in. We got a pile of nice stuff.


Mrs. Skiing in Jackson loves this coat- the Marmot Dena Jacket. I have the men's version and love it. This was one of those days where the Valley was filled with cotton balls and we were skiing above it. I never get tired of those days! I never get tired of Mrs. SIJ looking good either!






Blaze hotdogging somewhere on the mounatin:





Blaze likes to shoots through these two trees. It is a daily occurrence on a pow day. Does anybody know where this little stash is. Blaze made the mistake of telling some shop guys about it. They are usually off to bigger and better things- so he gets to Hollywood like this:





Me clicking into my daily drivers at the top of the Headwall. My Marmot Trient jacket was the nicest jacket I had in years. Maybe the best jacket I've ever owned. I'm going to write a review of it shortly.


192 Atomic Atlas, Garmont Shamans & Marker Jester. Totally awesome it was. Don't raz me, but nearly all conditions can be handled by a Kinco Glove.








The troops are lined up waiting to hit pow. This is in Bowl under Corbett's.






Rougher, windy conditions at the top of the White Spider. We always went up from Pepi's Bench- it was a lot easier on the gang- me too! Damaris is a trooper. She rarely complains. We've been in 100% whiteout wind storms and Christy will ask, “Are you alright, Honey???” She'll answer, “Fine, Mommy!”




Thanks for reading!!!


Bring on the 2011-2012 Stoke!

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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

Liberty again in the bottom of Jaws.



^ This is my fave!  Thanks for sharing...

Here's to another one like the last.





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BTW, I live in Eden & Liberty is just up the road.


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Stephen, you are a blessed man. 


Mike in Louisville (looking for a way to Jackson)



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Looks like a labor of love putting those pictures together.  Hope to see you up there this winter - 6th annual man-cation is in JH in Feb.

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Thanks for sharing SIJ. I had a smile on threw them all. Heres to another great year!!

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Nice TR. Thanks for sharing. Your family rips.

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Thanks for sharing! great pics.

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Stephen, thanks for sharing. You and the mrs should be very proud.  You are good people. 

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Cheers to the best family in skiing. 

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I thought I'd add a couple of photos to the McDonald family album.


Blaze and I went fishing last week on Fish Creek near Wilson.  The kid can cast a fly line AT LEAST as well as he can ski.  I've been flyfishing for over 50 years (I can't believe that, but there you go) and I've never seen a kid who can cast any better at that age.


Anyway, he caught some nice fish and here's one of them:



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Those kids can rip! I love when I see local kids who can outski me. rolleyes.gif

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