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Sugarloaf/ Sunday river

Poll Results: Sundayriver or Sugarloaf

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Ok so im looking for a mountain with size and challenging terrain. I have worked out that Sugarloaf and Sundayriver fit the description. My budget will allow me three days at Sundayriver or two days at Sugarloaf. Any ideas about which resort i should try or if there is a way to save additional money. Thanks.

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Stay in a mom and pop motel in Rangeley and maybe do four days at Saddleback??duck.gif


As for the original question - tough choice, but I guess I'd have to go for three days over two.

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+1 on Saddleback, a lot of the locals have moved from the 'loaf to there recently as it has great terrain and is much less crowded.

3 days at Sunday River would be better then 2 at the 'loaf.
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I can't advise you specifically except to say that I agree more days = better experience. 
The differences?  Sugarloaf is a big, singular mountain.  It's probably one of the most "western" of the eastern areas in the sense of wildness, terrain difficulty and variation, and sheer size and vertical.    Sunday River is a great eastern experience -- it's laid out along a long ridge, so absolute vertical is less (I'd say average vert is 1100-1300 run).  It's got variation, but it's stronger on the traditional east coast wide groomer trails.  I've spent a week at SR with my family and had fun. 


I think it depends a bit on what you're looking for and how good you are.  Intermediate groomer skier: Sunday River.  Advanced/expert, natural trails: Sugarloaf.

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Also depends on when you go.  If it's earlier in the season, I'd lean towards Sunday River because Boyne seems to be committed to making it their early season choice.  They're not afraid to blow a lot of snow early and often.


If it's mid-winter or later, it would be hard not to choose the Loaf.  Especially if there's a bit of snow and they open up Brackett Basin all the way to the summit of Burnt Mountain.

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There's plenty of challenging terrain at Sunday River.
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