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What makes your favorite mountain your favorite?

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Just wondering what makes people like a certain mountain over all others. For me, it's got to be the vibe flowing around the resort on a pow day. nothing beats it.

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Steep runs (labelled cliff area on the trail map).

Nearby slack-country and back country skiing.

1600+ feet of vertical.

Friendly atmosphere.

Expert intermediate and beginner terrain.

They don't give you guff just for skiing a black diamond in a racing tuck, like they do at Jay Peak Vt.


The 35 feet of annual snowfall helps too.


At least that's how I remember it.





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I like knowing a ton of people. I go out early everyday and almost always run into someone within a few runs.



Lot's of pretty girls, I like that too!

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I can't figure out which mountain is my favorite.  Love the one you're with.

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It has snow, lifts that are running, and I'm on it.


Enjoy where you are now; that is why it is called THE PRESENT.

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A place where you can park for free, close to the lifts.


A place that is not over crowded.


A place that has quality lifts that sweep you to the top in one shot.  The more vertical the better.


A place with a wide variety of terrain, aspects & snow conditions.  Not just steeps & chutes but some trees & nice, consistently groomed cruisers too.


A place where the management & staff actually care if you're having a good time.


A place with a long season, the longer the better.


A place with definable areas for all levels & types of snowsporters & everyone gets along.


A place that updates their conditions accurately & frequently.


A place with a warm, affordable & convenient spot to meet for apres libations.


& this:

Lot's of pretty girls, I like that too!




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I miss Kirkwood.  Seemed like there was always at least 3" of fresh every day, and sometimes 2' of fresh.

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And, it is the highest lift served elevation east of the Mississippi.

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PROXIMITY - right answer!Ott+Wedeln.gif



I like pocket-Hercules ski areas, little underdogs that have some bite to their terrain.  I like remote ski areas in beautiful, pristine settings.  I got to admit I also like some mega resorts with long lifts and huge verticals that you can ski in one big top-to-bottom run if you want to.  And here's something I never thought I'd say because I'm a friend to all manner of snowriders, but in recent years I've made first time visits to two ski areas with skiers-only guest policies and found a nice feeling at both that is hard to describe except...I felt at home. th_dunno-1[1].gif    

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yes.  Proximity.  Now, the answer to joy in life is finding the right mountain to be proximate to while keeping everything else in your life manageable. 

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terrain = #1  then snowfall, and of course people, (have to have lots of hippy's to keep it real).

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I honestly don't have a favorite.  There are lots of things I like / dislike about the various resorts in Tahoe and so much depends on the weather.  One aspect I think is often overlooked is the ease of navigation and how smartly the lifts are laid out across the terrain.  This is one of the reasons I prefer Alpine Meadows over Squaw.

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The two bare minimum requirements:


* Interesting terrain for my wife and me


* High quality kids programs


The major factors that allowed us to commit to season passes:


* Lots of terrain to keep exploring


* More difficulty available when we need it


* Good snow


* Long season.


Frankly, nothing is that proximate to where I live.

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Proximity, small'ish, 800m of vertical, small crowds, good and frequent snow, nice terrain, plenty more terrain adjacent to the area, and knowing most of the characters on the hill so there's always a 'hello' and folks to ski with. This was the home hill for a number of years and 30 minutes from the front door. Also had a 3 dollar hot spring and beer at the bottom. Still getting to know the current home hill, but an hour and a half isn't nearly close enough.



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For me, it's mostly about the vibe. Is it a "skier's" (and boarders) mountain? By that I mean less beginners, and more on the intermediate to expert side. Whether big or smaller, I like short lift lines, low crowds, friendly staff, great people to ski with, great people to apres with, and enjoyable terrain, of course. Thus in Colorado, my favorite mountains have not proven to be the big name resorts. For example, I'm not a fan of Copper Mountain (backside's fun tho), but I LOVE A-Basin, Loveland, and Wolf Creek. On the flipside of things, in Wyoming, I LOVE Jackson Hole. Big resort type place, but not bad on crowds, and a true skiers' mountain. Fantastic vibe there, along with the other places I mentioned. Better give a nod to Taos, NM, as well. Another favorite of mine.

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Well I don't have much choice as it stands now.  China Peak is the only realistic option near Fresno at 1:30 drive.  So proximity.


Now when I lived in Spokane, I chose Silver Mountain over Schweitzer because it had less attitude.  Over Mt. Spokane because it had less beginners.  Over Lookout Pass because it was bigger and closer (to Spokane), and over 49 Degrees North because of better snow and a gondola off the freeway means no mountain road driving (also applies to Schweitzer and Mt. Spokane).


That same Gondola is also Silvers Achilles Tendon.

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I'll have to agree, skiing's just not as fun without people to share with.

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I'm very fortunate, it's the one that's right outside my back door.

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  1. The people
  2. The lack of lift lines
  3. The diverse terrain - it's like a combo platter; not as much but a little of everything
  4. It's great for training (see #3)
  5. Impeccable grooming
  6. There's off-piste if you want it
  7. Family atmosphere
  8. Mid-night Madness draws the younger crowd to the nights
  9. Incredible kids program
  10. Great place to get in mileage (I can have two runs at 1000' each done before you get through the lift line at the big places - see #2) 
  11. It's affordable for families
  12. It's only 35 minutes from my driveway


I've skied places that were incredible and had/have great programs.  Being at my home mountain is like have family over for Sunday dinner instead of going out.  Going out is great but nothing beats the meal and conversation you're going to have at home.

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For someone who has been living in the SouthEast for the past 9 years, my needs have changed. Or have they?

So for me here in SoFLA it has become a question of easiest access, so Denver has become the norm.

All of my crew, all from the east or Wisconsin, have been doing Vail in april forever. I think I have only missed it twice in the past twenty years.

I'll admit to having been to Big Sky one of those two times, and the other was a few years back when I cracked a knee getting into a barstool. True story, though I had just moved and wasn't going anyway.


So #1 has to be where my friends go.

#2 has to be big enough to fit us all in.

#3 Off-mountain diversions - BARS!

#4 Must be a reason I bought the timeshare there back in '84

#5 Spring-Back-to-Vail

#6 Proximity to Copper, Breck & the rest of Summit Co.VAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 050 (Medium).JPGVAIL COLORADO APRIL 2011 075 (Medium).JPG


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There is defintely agreement on a number of issues such as good friends or nice people to ski with makes the day enjoyable. Obviously, snow, scenery, terrain play a big part as well.  We only ski Alta now. The greatest snow on earth and probably the most, beautiful scenery, REAL skiers, or rather real people, not like all the plastic at Vail, and no snowboarding which my wife likes after being hit 4 times on a trip to Keystone. 

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1.  Vibe, - I don't like places that have heavy drunk skiers flying around 


2.  Grom Program


3.  Terrain & Snowfall 



We have a house in Tahoe, and have been renting in the Village for the last two years because of the 6 year old and her Program Skiing...


So really the Vibe and Grom Instructors are top concern. 

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After traveling around the east the last two seasons, I've found my two favorite mtns are Cannon and MRG.  (And...I actually like Pico more than K-ton).


I guess that "vibe" is the most important...and that vibe would be "laid back and old timey." 



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a little lift called Vers Eglise. It's a button lift that no one knows about, but it links up with diablerets ski area in switzerland. You park your car about 20-30 feet away, on the other side of the railway line. You will often be the first, or second person on the mountain. It's my secret entry point on any day, but is especially great on powder days. Because of this access point, which hardly anyone uses (or knows about) I've been at the top of a run with a huge dump of snow, and not one track on it.

You actually feel like it's your own personal lift.

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The fact that I can see a run from my front porch.

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Because of the town of Steamboat. It's just a great town. we aren't moving there because of skiing.  Emerald moutain is my backyard now and I can actually skin off my porch. 30 miles of multi-use trails and Howelson is about 200 yards to my left.  So I have 2 favorites, Emerald and Mt Werner,  picture from my back door from last week.


backyard (2).jpg

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It's the closest thing without emptying the fuel tank...

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I like 4,139 feet of CONTINUOUS vertical, and a tram that will take you to the top in any weather your average human can bear.


I like open backcountry  that provides endless opportunities to ski new things.


I like the nachos at the Cascade Grill in Teton Mountain Lodge.

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Purely for skiing, Jackson has to be the mountain, by virtue of scale and ruggedness.

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