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Hotwire car rental

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Has anybody used Hotwire for car rentals and dropped the car off early?  I'm trying to book 4 days next month (not ski relatedfrown.gif).  


The best 4 day rate is $54/ day. If I add a day, it drops to $26, add another, it keeps dropping, with the total out of pocket being even less.


Since Hotwire is prepaid, I'm trying to find out if there is any penalty for returning the car a day or two early.  Would seem stupid on their part, but just checking.

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I don't think they would penalize you for an early drop, but obviously you won't get a refund.  I generally don't like to prepay rental cars.  The rates don't seem to be much cheaper and I really like the option of not picking up and not being charged.  Flights get canceled, shit happens?


I did use Hotwire for a car in to Norfolk last year and when I arrived at midnight, Budget didn't have the car.   They wanted me to wait three hours!  I said screw that and did a walk up at another agency and got bent over.  Hotwire did credit me for the rental, but not the increase rate I had to pay to Alamo.


I have had pretty good luck on hotel rooms with Hotwire, but now predominantly use priceline.

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Our flights are non refundable, so losing the car rental cost seems insignificant if something changed.,  Last time I used Hotwire, Hurricane Irene totally screwed up our plans and Hotwire gave a full refund. Ended up with a Camaro for less than $200 for a week. My 11 year old talked the guy at Avis into giving it to us instead of the Impala I had prepaid.


What's funny is right now on the dates I am going, a Convertible Mustang is the cheapest car on Hotwire.

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The reason I avoid pre-paying for a rental car on a ski trip is so that I can switch from 4WD to 2WD a few days before arrival if snow on the road is not likely to be an issue.  Have a friend who sometimes uses Hotwire on his iPhone to get a car after he lands at SLC airport.

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