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Salomon Impact 120s'?

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All right guys, it's killing me.  

I have skied since Jesus wore short pants; but had never had a pair of boots fit, till last Saturday.  Went and saw Ernie at Bootworks in Park City.  


He said the Solomon Impact 120 was the boot and the fit, so melted the credit card a little bit.  Lurking and listening to you guys, I took all his advice.  What do you guys think of the boot?  After 10+ years in a pair of Nordica Grand Prix with foot beds this is going to be very interesting.


No doubt in the world on the fit, WOW.  What do you guys think of the boot?  Have read nothing on it.


Did I do good?

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if it fits your foot then you did good, not really a lot more we can say without seeing your feet, as a boot it is perfectly good for its level

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