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big sky skiing

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I going to big sky this winter, want to know any good runs or hucks that i gotta do.  im up for hikes and have avy gear. thx for response

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Here's my suggestions for maximizing the fun at Big Sky:


1.  Hire Ursula Howland (she posts here as Little bear periodically) as your guide

2.  Practice by skiing Coulters Hell

3.  If you can handle that, head for the Challenger lift and ski the stuff right along side Moonlight Basin and the Headwaters chair at Moonlight

4. If that's fine, head up the tram and ski Liberty Bowl, the Way Back, then the Dictators

5. If that's good, hire Ursula and ski the North Summit snowfields and the Big Couloir.

6. Now you're ready for most lines in the A-Z Chutes.



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Ski the North Summit Snowfield and the Big Couloir.  If you need to hire a guide, you asked the wrong question and would probably enjoy skiing the nice glades of Andesite.

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A-Z chutes are usually my favorites on the mountain, but big and little couliors are also really good. From the top, you can really find any kind of line.

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