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Do you "HAVE" TO heat fit Zip Fit boot liners?

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 That is the question,if the fit is acceptable right out of the box. What is the advantage of heating the liner,or more precisely what does heating the liner accomplish that wearing the boots and liner doesn't? I am aware of the “custom” fit but everything I have heard about these is that they fit better over time. I know all about the cork heating up creating a nice heel pocket,but my question is that if the fit improves over time this suggests that the liner continues to adapt to the wearer's anatomy.

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Intuition liners will adapt to your feet over time also, but that adaption will not give the owner as much toe room as the heat fitting process will, assuming that it is done correctly with the toe caps.  In addition the heat fitting gives you a custom fit immediately which will be more comfortable from the start.  I have Intuition liners and when I first tried them on, not in the shell, I thought they felt pretty good.  Once I put them in the shell and put on the boot, it was an entirely different story, they were painful.  Once I got them molded correctly to my feet they were great, comfortable and warm.  I have never had Zip Fit liners but I if they recommend heat fitting, I would recommend doing it.  Your feet will probably thank you for it.

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To clarify.........


The ZipFit and Intuition are entirely different concepts. The intuition is more or less worthless without heat forming and a little better than that with it. The ZipFit is a heavier duty version of the lace up "Flo" liners that come in most high end "plug" race boots. The fit material in a Zip is almost 100% "Flo" material. This material is best utilized with some heat to start the forming process. However, if the fit feels more or less acceptable without warming, then go for it. It will only get better.



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Thanks SierraJim I was thinking the same thing that if it feels good right out of the box why mess with it?!

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Why does Zipfit recommend heating the boot shells before molding the liners then?


I have a WC pair coming and am confused as to the proper fitting technique. I have some stretches and punches on my shell, so heating the shell up to 200F seems like it would cause a potential loss of my punches.


Would heating the liners and shells in a hot bag be enough to get the process started?

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Followed the zipfit fitting method and boiled the shells for my world cups. Amazing fit!!! I've never felt a boot fit so well as it did with the warm shell and liner molding together. No issues with my previous punches. Either the shell did a slight remold to the liner or perhaps it didn't change? The fit afterward was better than my previous fit with the stock liner by a mile.


I thought it might be rough today skiing for the first time, but thanks to my Hotbag, slipping in race style was no problem. Skied with the buckles in the loosest position and never felt like the boots were too loose. Normally I have a bit of numbness in my left foot starting out, even with the buckles loose, no such issue today.


Such as solid liner, and easy to fit. I think I have found my last liner.

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I have the same liners with the same great results and after over 120 days on the liner they fit even better. 

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