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2011-2012 Quivers!

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Okay ladies and gentlemen, it would appear to be about the time that preparations for the upcoming season should be just about complete. For some of those fortunate Coloradans, you are already on snow. For the rest of us, we are ticking away the days until opening. One of the most important part of off season preparation is equipment procurement. So kids, what are we packing this season? I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;).


This year I'm sporting a slightly modest quiver. Pictured is most of my active quiver, plus one of my inactive pair of boards


Active, pictured:


-2009 Burton Mayhem 155 w/ Ride LX bindings. For general standing sideways purposes.

-2005 Salomon Foil 166 w/ Salomon 810light bindings. Primarily relegated to teaching/rock ski status this year.

-2010 Dynastar Contact 10 167 w/ Dynastar (Look) PX12 bindings. For those firm days.

-NEW ADDITION! 2009 Salomon Gun 164, currently unmounted. Will be taking over the off piste duties from the Foils.

Also pictured, 2003 Salomon 1080 161's. After painful deliberation, these old faithfuls are being taken out of active service. They'll be donating their 912Ti bindings to the Guns.


Active and not pictured: Axis Warrior 154 Snowboard w/ Rome bindings


Inactive, fate not yet determined: 2003 Atomic GS:9 180 w/ Atomic bindings.






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geez... i searched something sensible, like '2011 quiver'. why we all so cryptic??

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Originally Posted by freeski919 View Post

geez... i searched something sensible, like '2011 quiver'. why we all so cryptic??

"2011 quiver" would be so last year....

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I think the extroverted quiver thread is revived every fall and contains the best photos, cause it is a visual experiencewink.gif

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