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Trouble with pre-release on wide skis. Advice on binding choice.

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I need to get two pairs of new bindings for two wide pairs of skis (112mm and 128mm). I have skied both of these skis for two years with Tyrolia Railflex bindings and Head Mojo 15s. I tried the Railflex in order to travel with one pair of bindings and two pairs of skis. I then put the Mojos on the 128mm wide ski.


I have spent some time reading post on this site and a few others, and wanted to get some input with a new post.


I have one issue with both bindings. When I encounter hard pack or wind blown snow I often find that the toe of the binding releases my boot. This is always at a very steep slope angle. At a steep slope angle there tends to be exposure and risk involved in pre-releasing or lots of great snow to be skied and now I have to clean up my gear to get back to skiing. in addition, it is always the outside ski that releases.


My DIN setting is a 6 and I have gone as high as 8 and still find the same issue. At a DIN of 8, I run into an issue of tweaking my ankle in deep snow when I have fallen and the ski is under the snow and perhaps a tree branch and the binding releases with to much strain on my ankle. I have never had this problem on my narrow groomer skis (salomon, volkl) with a 6 DIN.



1: The sole of my boots are fine, the bindings pass the torque test and the forward pressure is fine.


2: I am going to get new bindings.


3: I am looking for new binding recommendations. I am a level III skier, who weighs 140 lbs.


4: Are there some issues that I do not know about that may be causing the binding to release?


i.e. increase pressure on a wide ski on steep hardpack requires higher DIN settings, current bindings are not appropriate for wide skis, ....


Thanks for your help.

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I have had some prerelease issues with RF 12's. Have never had an iota of trouble with the Mojo 15. It's a respected binding for wider skis. If you want more elasticity try Look pivots. If they still prerelease, not the binding.
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Are you sure forward pressure is set right? As a friend on TGR once said, "If the forward pressure is too low, Tyrolias will prerelease like a teenager with his first hooker no matter how high the DIN is set. Make absolutely sure it's within range, towards the high end if possible."


This sort of begs another question. Why do you have DIN 15 clamps if you set them at 6-8? Wouldn't a 10 or 12 do just fine and be lighter? Doesn't the DIN range on that binder start at like 5 or 6? Scratching my head here.  rolleyes.gif

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i run my mojo 15's at 13 and haven't had one pre-realease. :)

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You definitely should not be skiing on a mojo 15 if you are running a DIN of 6.  You should be running in the middle to middle high of the bindings DIN range.  Check FWD pressure as suggested above.  If you ski aggressively you need to turn up your springs.  The DIN chart is a recommendation and is not set in stone.  If your heel isn't releasing try turning you toe pressure up a half point at a time.  If none of this works go to a binding that doesn't have a full vertical release on the toe.  I personally like the Salomon driver series for this reason.

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The Mojo 15 is fine at 6.  The range is 5-15.  It's a burly binding.  Overkill, perhaps, but fine.


Sinecure is right about the forward pressure on Tyrolias.  (If I'm not mistaken, he's quoting me.)  With the boot in the binding, you should see little if any of the scored area.  This may make it a little harder to get on, because the heel may need to travel backwards before it engages.

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I was quoting Spats - you're much more PC than that. beercheer.gif

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I think about Baseball. 

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I want to delay, not go to sleep.

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As a guy who as mounted and calibrated thousands of bindings I can tell you that bindings that are set at the lower tension ranges on a binding release more often at a lower torque value than they should.  If she is trying to ski something steep enough to twist a toe release off her foot maybe the DIN recomendation of 6 for a type 3 skier is not enough.  If she doesn't feel comfortable playing with the binding herself bring the ski to a ski shop with her boot and ask for a 3+ setting.  Very few shops advertise this setting but any good shop will know that it is available. 

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If you have the correct forward pressure, there are a couple of thoughts that come to mind.


1.  You should check or better yet get someone else to watch, to make sure you are not doing something on steeps that you don't do on regular hills, e.g. leaning back, tail-gunning, improper jump turns, drifting at really big angles and impacting the tips/tails on (possibly hidden under the snow) objects,etcetera.


2.  You could up the toe release setting, but not the heel release setting.


3.  Switch to a binding that needs more convincing to release in the upwards direction; I think Tyrolia's race bindings have more resistance in this direction, but I stand to be corrected on this.  Other folks here can advise on which ones won't release up at all (notice how I resisted recommending my no-longer-indemnified, antique, all-metal Tyrolia 490's that have saved my life a few times by not releasing in the upwards direction).







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