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All things must end

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As I finish putting storage wax on my skis, and turning the DIN down on my bindings, I reflect on my past season, and can't really find any real highlights. We had a blasse season in Western Canada. No real big powder days, but a few here and there. The cruising was great, but I couldn't really enjoy it as much, since then my shoulder was still in pain. As well, I didn't ski any gates all year because of the risk of doing more damage to the shoulder. The lowlight of the season came on Jan 13th just before noon when I got smoked from behind and separated my shoulder in the resulting fall. I don't have anymore constant pain, but the range of movement is still limited. I wasn't big on ball sports, but I won't even be able to throw things for the dog to fetch.

Well, I hope all of you have a great summer, and start your ski conditioning as soon as you finish the ski season. Not only will a summer of getting fit help you when the snow falls again next winter, but you'll look better at the beach . Have fun.

ps. I'll be logging on and answering questions throughout the off season.
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Take care BR
Have a good summer and heal well. It was good hearing your side of a lot of the things going on in the industry.
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I was wondering what the status of your injury was and also what if any you did about the culprit. Have a good rehab. Thanks for all your answers and insights on the Atomic level.<FONT size="1">

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BR, Have a great summer, maybe I'll see you at Whistler next year.
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Thanks for all the input Beta Racer. Good luck with the rehab this summer. take care--trey
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Hey, BR, try tossing toys to the dog with your "off" arm. Enough practice and you may be finding your skiing more symmetrical next season. I had a shoulder fracture/dislocation in the middle '80's. It was end of April at Snowbird. I had to wear a sling and binder until August, and then they let me take off the binder so I could begin moving the shoulder some. I was in my late 40's then. Took me a year, but I finally got full range of motion back.
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BR sorry you never got a chance to really open up with those 198 exs
god thats a lot of ski.
I have a BIG ? for you that I will post individually as I may need somew shop guys inputr also.
thanx again & thanx in advance.
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