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Looking for an upgrade!

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Ok so Iv'e been snowboarding for about 5 years now with the same board and I am looking for a new board. I currently have an Alibi but I want something better. Any suggestions? I am a pretty advanced rider and I am usually on the black diamonds or blue trails. I don't hit jumps or any of that crazy stuff. I am a female and looking for a nice new board but I don't have a clue what kind of board I should be looking at. Any suggestions?  

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Snowboarding for 5 years and posting in a ski forum? You Marshall, are a lost soul biggrin.gif, but we're happy to welcome you here to our little riding forum at Epic!


I can't give you any specific suggestions, but I do have some general suggestions for you that might help you get started.


The biggest thing that hurts the development of women with your experience level is getting a board that is too stiff. The next biggest is getting one that is too flexible. Get your current board out, put one hand on the tip and one in the middle and see how hard it is to make the board bend. Then go to a snowboard shop and get a salesperson to show you the stiffest men's board they have (in the same length as yours) and do the same thing to it. If there's a huge difference in flex, you're next board should fall somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 the difference between your current board and that stiffie in the shop. As long as your blacks and blues are West Coast blacks and blues and not East coast blacks and blues, you're probably going to be looking for an advanced (i.e. stiff) women's board or an intermediate (i.e. soft) men's board. In general, the harder snow and faster that you ride and/or the heavier that you are, the more you'll want a stiffer board. However, if you're going to err, err on the side of a softer flex than you need.


Do you know what the different kinds of boards are? You're probably going to want a "freeride" board.


Do you know what length board you want?


Do you have a budget?


Are graphics important? (You generally have enough choices in boards that if a board's graphics make you sick, you can choose another one; or you can actually search for cool graphics first, then find a decent board among those)


Do you know where you want to buy? If you buy at a local shop, you may be able to demo a board before you buy it or at least return your new board for credit against a different one if turns out it rides like crap for you. That may be worth the difference in price vs buying online. If you can demo a board on hill at a demo day, then you can safely buy online.

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Get a red one.

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Looks like some good advice from the Rusty. Since you don't do any jumps, you can eliminate park/freestyle boards, which cuts a big chunk of the crowd. All-mountain boards will be your best option for general resort riding, while freeride/big mountain boards will serve you better for expert terrain, powder, slackcountry etc.


I'd definitely try and demo first, because you really never know how good a board will work for you until you get it on the snow. A board can sound great on paper and in the reviews but can be terrible for your own style. Look for shops that offer demos and manufacturer demo events if you live near/will travel to any major resorts.


As far as specific models, you're likely to get a different opinion from every rider you meet. Magazines like Transworld and Snowboarder have their gear guides and editor pick issues out now (a lot of this can be found online too). These can help you home in on some brands, if you're not sure.

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