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How to stretch a liner without ruining it.

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Hello boot guys, you've all been very helpful with my boot questions.



If you could give me some specific advice as to how to stretch a liner, specifically in the big toe area?  The big issue is the liner is too short for that toe... it is a little too narrow, but mostly too short.


This is a HEAD race liner (so it is stitched leather, with a neoprene toebox).  FWIW, these have only been skied six full days (but they were FULL days).


Any quick (and somewhat specific) advice as to how I can extend the neoprene toebox to accommodate my big toe, without ruining the liners, would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Bored------


    Your liners were never water proof at any of the seams---the easiest way to free up your toes would be to open the seam at the top/front of that toe.  Neoprene is so stretchy that it is not possible to get a permanent change in the toe areas---it is possible to stretch the rest of the liner length wise with a tool and relieve the pressure on the toes (but you need  a tool).



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as mike says they are neoprene which is stretchy but not permanently stretchy, the liners in the raptors are short...really short, might be worth talking to your dealer and seeing if you can get the next size up in liner not 26.5 if you have a 26.0, but the liner from the next shell size up


we had this problem with a couple of people last season, most went to zip fit or foam liners 

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Thanks guys.  I'll see if these will stretch or loosen at all, and if not I'll look into after-market liners.

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I'd try cutting a 'T' in the bottom of the liner, on the bottom just behind the toes. Then cover the cut with some gorilla tape. The cut will allow the liner to expand, this isn't un-doable, but... if you are going to replace it anyway.

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One of the first things to do with a neoprene toe box is CAREFULLY cut vertical slits at 3-4mm intervals HALFWAY through the neoprene all the way around the toe box.  This allows the toebox to expand considerably.


Next step is shorten the piece of velcro that attaches the tongue and remove a corrosponding amount of velcro from the top of the toebox, to let the neoprene stretch even more.  you may have to hand sew some seams back up with good waxed thread but that will last years.


You can also replace the neoprene with a bigger piece if you are into a little sewing,  originally as WC boot service guys, we would do this to boots before neoprene was the norm,  that is something the boots companies copied from the service men.

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Hello all,

Jeff Rich here. OK, first off, if your sock is to thick your toes box will feel to tight. The sock is the final fitting tool. Wide feet should use a thinner, light weight sock while the thin foot uses a thicker sock. That said... this is how you can stretch your liners toe box. Preheat your oven to 200'F. Place only the liner in the oven for five minutes. While the liner is heating up you need to prep your foot to expand the toe box. Place your ski sock on your foot, then stuff a paper towel or two into the toe box. After five minute remove the liner from the oven,  and place it back into the shell. Put your boots on, buckle up as normal and stand for five minute. When cool remove you foot and the paper towel and your done..toe box is stretched. Note: While the boot is on your foot with the paper towel in your toes are going to be VERY TIGHT and uncomfortable, this is a normal.



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