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Boots already fit nice before skiing in them...will they get too big?

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Purchased a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 110s in the spring (got a very good deal on them) in a 25.5.  Did my own shell fit and they were fine in both length and width.  Took them into the bootfitter for an initial fitting and he heated the liners, put my custom footbeds in, and made a few other tweaks and they feel snug but comfortable...maybe too comfortable.  The bootfitter mentioned that the boots will "get big" and mentioned that there is a possibility I will need shims after the linings pack out.  He did confirm that the shell size was correct on them.


Previous pair of boots are Tecnica Diablo Flames in shell 25/25.5.  Old boots took more work in the footbeds, lining and shell grinding/stretching to get comfortable...really only felt good all around after a few seasons.


If the new boots do need to be shimmed at some point in the future is that a bad thing?


Please note that I completely trust my bootfitter and I know he would not have worked on the boots if they were not the right size.  It's just that my last pair were nowhere near as comfortable after the initial fitting...

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all boots will stretch out over time, so if yours are correct now, they will be bigger, later.   you can add foam where needed later.  shouldn't be a big deal, if the basic shell shape is correct

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Are you using a thin sock. If they fit well using a medium to thick sock then there's to much volume for your foot-boots to big. Your sock is a fitting tool. When the boots break in after a year to two, you can go to a thicker sock.

Jeffrey S. Rich C.Ped.


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The boots fit well with an ultra-thin sock which is what I've worn for years.

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Boots that are the proper shell size (length and volume) don't typically need padding ever in my experience.



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it is possible to have the perfect length, and the perfect width in shell sizing and still end up with a boot that has too much volume and needs some help to get fit tension.


measuring the foot and shell sizing the foot inside are the minimum requirements to finding a good fit. the extra stuff includes assessing the the volume of the foot and shell in the critical hold areas like the instep, heel and ankle, lower leg, etc. the better those aspects are matched, the less need for additional padding down the road.


in addition to getting the best shell shape match for your foot, all liners are not created equal. the density and quality of the foam in the liners can give a very wide range of compaction over the lifetime of the boot. the boot suppliers use the liner shape and density to balance out the initial in store fit of a boot.


if you end up with less fit tension that you desire after break-in, the solution can be adding material to the existing liner or tongue. you could also choose from a wide variety of replacement liners, like heat moldable, foam injectable, or cork/oil flow.





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Jim's right but he forgot about the Eliminator Tongue by Mastefitinc. Its a quick fix for narrow legs, loose boots, shin bang, boots that flex is to stiff, skiers in the back seat and yes, it helps with boots to big.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped


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After 4 intermediate-level ski days I have not noticed any significant difference in fit...and the arch cramping I used to get on my previous boots is not happening.  One difference is that I have been avoiding temptation to crank down the boots as much as I used to.


At this point I'm wondering what tight enough is...the boots feel snug (there is a bit of heel lift on the right foot when walking) and I don't notice any control issues when skiing.

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