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Would Lange RX 110 do the job?

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I would greatly appreciate your help:

I am 5' 10", 165-167 lbs with feet length of 27 cm and width ~ 99.5-101 mm (I wonder if this measurement is accurate). One foot is wider compare to the other. I have thin shins and my ankles are probably somewhat narrow with, I would say, regular calf. The second toe is longer in both feet by about 1 cm than the big toe. The reason for giving all this info is because the closest bootfitter is about 310 miles away from where I live.

I would consider myself a level 7-8 skier (in a scale of 10). In the past I enjoyed skiing mostly in the frontside of the mountain, but since last winter I like deep powder too. In the last couple of years, I spend time skiing in both coasts, east mostly. For a long time I have been struggling with rented ski boots in which I always overpowered the boot to transfer energy to the skis because my feet were swimming around (big boot? compressed liners?) rather having a snug fit and more control of my skis. Probably this was the reason for slowing down my skiing advancement. So, a new ski boot is an absolute necessity.

Last year  I bought a pair of Rossignol Zenith Sensor3 110 (2011), size 26.5 mondo, 100mm last. Unfortunately, after a couple of days breaking period and few days skiing at Snowbird UT, one of the canting screws popped out, so I had to returned them. The only reason for buying these boots was that after trying a lot of boots (Salomon, Technica, Head, Nordica, Atomic) most of them felt very roomy-comfortable at the store (which I thought it was a bad choice). I even tried to go to smaller size (25.5) but they felt very small. After doing a lot of searching on the internet, I found out that Rossignols (having the same shell mold as Langes) were considered low volume boots. The only well-versed person I found in a local ski store consented in having a look at my Rossi boot fit, although they do not carry this brand (unfortunately, there are no Rossignol or Lange dealerships close - I think there is a store 100 miles away). He said that they had an almost race type fit (less than a finger at the heel, and the sides of my feet were almost touching the shell). My impression of these boots, if that helps, was that after 4-5 days of skiing in them I felt the 110 flex was a bit stiff for me and my feet at some point during the day were kind of cold, probably because I buckled the boots very tight. Recently, I tried a Salomon Impact 120, which I found very roomy-comfortable and soft flex-wise.

Now, considering all the above, I have to order them online and do the fitting test myself (I know it is a very bad idea). I'm thinking of
any of the following: Lange RX 110 (2012), Lange RX 120 (2012) (100 mm) or the Atomic Burner 100 or 120 (2012) (98 mm), all in size 26.5.


Any suggestions? thoughts about how these boots compare to Rossis? I am more interested in  Lange RX 110 or 120 (I might try to drive myself to the closest Lange store and try them on).

Flex-wise: Could anybody comment on the stiffness of these boots? All these models have flex adjustment screws, should I go with something stiffer and play with the screws? Taking both screws out makes the boot softer by about 20% (removing only one, 6% the upper, 12% the lower), is that right? 


Any feedback from bootfitters would be very much appreciated.


Thank you very much and I apologize for the lengthy post.


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get the stiffest, narrowest boot you can, and your local boot fitter should be able to make it wider or softer, if needed.


but you are right,  this is a bad idea.

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Thank you mntlion for your immediate reply.


I assume what you are proposing is definitely the beaten track for those who are fortunate to have a boot fitter close, but in my case there isn't any. So, I am trying to eliminate few boots and focus more on those that seem to be better fit for my type of feet.


I do not have the experience that you guys have with "matching" feet with boots nor I have the knowledge working with so many different brands and models to know the details for each of these boots. What I'm asking is a feedback, tips and suggestions about the above mentioned boots which will help me decide to order one or two, try them on and see how they fit. Of course, when I will be in a place with good boot fitters I will try to visit them.


Any comments for those boots would be valuable. Thank you all, again.



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Lange RX 110 (2012) is my vote in 26


 dont over tighten the buckles.  if you foot CAN move, do them up a bit tighter untill it can't but dont just crank down.

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Mntlion, thank you for the tip. I appreciate it.


I saw you voted Lange RX 110, is there a particular reason for that? also, you suggested size 26. I thought that in most companies, sizes 26 and 26.5 are the same, only the liner differs, is Lange any different?


Thank you


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boot is a bit softer/cheaper


26 is my vote,  I think that the .0 or the .5 will be the same after you ski them for a few days.

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Mntlion, thank you very much.


Does anybody know how stiff Lange RX boots (110 or 120) are compare to Atomic Burners (100 or 120)?



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110 is about 110.  similar

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Okay, I found a retailer closer to where I live and tried the Lange RX 110 on. The boot has an excellent heel pocket that I liked very much, the liner is of good quality, but the 100mm is somewhat wider than I expected for a Lange boot. Also, I found that the liner was a bit higher at the calf area (cuff) and for an expensive boot like this, somebody would expect a spoiler, a better footbed and double canting (which I guess for a skier at my level maybe it is not a big deal). All in all, it feels comfortable volume-wise, snug at the heel but roomy in the front.


About stiffness, I am puzzled: How can somebody tell what is the right flex index while in the store? Apparently, under cold conditions, plastics tend to be stiffer. Is there a test or a way to determine which flex is the right one for you? How much should I be able to bent while trying the boots in the store?


While I was trying the Lange, I saw a Nordica Enforcer (last: 98 mm, and flex index 100), which I also tried. The boot feels surprisingly good, snug and loaded with features. To the best of my knowledge, this boot targets the freeride skier (and probably that's why it has a shock absorption under the footbed). How well that boot could serve an all-mountain skier (frontside/powder) versus a more classical all-mountain oriented boot, like Lange RX?    


Thank you all



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They make a 100 and. 130 in the low volume last 97mm, or a 110 in the race version (same boot in blue) this is also available in a short cuff version if you think the cuff is too high on the standard one,

Spoilers, ask your fitter I am sure they can supply one
Dual canting, not a great asset, the single side one on the Lange boot moves almost as far as most dual ones out there
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Thank you CEM for posting these pieces of advice.


For someone who skis mostly at the frontside of the mountain (okay, I admit I like also the powder in the west) going to an all-mountain ski boot is it the wrong direction?


I noticed that everybody comments on the Lange, but no comments on the Atomic Burner or the Nordica Enforcer, why?


What about flex index at the store and how someone can determine by flexing the boot at the store whether is right for him or not. How much should I be able to bent while trying the boots at the store? If for example I can bent it so much that my knees extend my toes, does this mean that the boot is soft? about right? I understand that depends also on someones style and preference, but I wonder if there is any rule of thumb here.


Thank you again



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The Atomic Burner 120 or 100 comes with one flex adjustment screw on, although it has two holes.


Does anyone know if you put a second screw on whether the boot stiffens beyond its flex index or not? In other words, I guess that Atomic sells the boot with one screw which I assume is the highest flex the boot has, and then you have the option of using another hole (as in any other boot) which makes the boot even stiffer? 


I constantly get this impression from retailers that Lange boots are superior to Nordica or Atomic. Is it bad marketing of Atomic and Nordica or actually there is a difference?


Thanks a lot



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So, after trying many boots and finding a well-versed boot-fitter in the area, I finally bought a Lange RX 130LV (98 mm) at 26.5 size. I could not be happier with my choice. These boots are definitely doing the job!


They are comfortable but yet snug, they keep my feet warm throughout the day without having to sacrifice performance. They are loaded with features; spoilers, nice power-strap, gripperized soles, superb liner, etc. and they are versatile in terms of flex index due to the flex adjustment system. The two flex adjustment screws are very helpful, especially for not expert skiers as myself. I removed the lower screw, lowering the stiffness a bit, while I was skiing at Alta and Jackson Hole this year and I loved them. The boot is very responsive and not as stiff as Rossingol Zenith 110 (which were concrete hard), but still you have the ability to make them stiffer if you choose to (which is great).


The only downside with this pair of boots is that they come with very bad footbeds which provide no support at your arches (as most of others), but once you put better ones in you are fine. For those of you who have relatively high insteps, as mine, I suggest that you do not buckle the second buckle much and you will be fine. 


I definitely recommend them.



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