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Originally Posted by JoeUT View Post

This isn't even really worth thinking about, imo. It's all ego and pride without any basis in reality. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and think that way, but it's not necessarily the truth. Fact is, you don't really know who you're riding the mountain with on any given day. And even people that appear to be just intermediate cruisers could be pros having a quiet, relaxing day. What's the point of trying to compare yourself to a bunch of strangers who you catch a glimpse of off the lift, outside of inflating your own ego?


I say this as someone that used to try and put myself among the top tier skiers at any given mountain. I used to think that..oh, I ride crappy hills in NY and PA, so I'm the best out there. But like Bode mentioned, all it takes is one guy speeding past you or one magazine pictorial of someone doing something that you wouldn't even dream of at your home mountain to make you realize that you're probably not shit. If you were, you'd be out there really pushing the boundaries as opposed to sizing yourself up against dads and weekend warriors at some tiny Midwest ski hill. Trying to pretend that you're hot shit is really just self serving and takes away from what you should be focused on: having a good time and making improvements that matter to you.


Did you miss the part where I said this is just for fun?  I mean, I am going to be 57 when this season starts.  Yeah I am a good skier, but do you really think, that I think, that I am the best skier on the mountain?  I am sure that you, as do I and most good skiers I know, scan the hill while on the lift or taking a break on the side of a slope and check out the skiers and mentally compare yourself to them.  You know what I mean  ex: I am better...better...better....damn that guy is good!. better....better...etc.  I am at the point where I really don't notice the lower level skiers any more unless I want to chuckle, but I always notice who is good and do the comparison.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't.  Out west I don't win nearly as often. lol


Rick G


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You decide!

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

I'm definitely in the top 1%... when it comes to enjoying being out there.

Amen to that!!



Rick G

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When I'm on my monoski, I'm usually in the top 1% of all of the monoskiers on the mountain ;)  (unless there are 2 of us there)

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Originally Posted by DanoT View Post

I like this comment as It is obvious that I will never be the best but I certainly can enjoy it the most. BTW my home mountain is celebrating 50 years of lift serviced skiing this season (pre dates Whistler and Vail) and by my calculations, having averaged 80days/year for 37 years, I have the most runs skied at Sun Peaks. That must count for something.biggrin.gif

That is awesome!!!  I would be proud to have that accomplishment at any ski hill.


Rick G


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Originally Posted by catskills View Post

I know from talking to the Jackson Hole ski patrol that a good day at Jackson Hole can have about 5000 skiers and riders.  One percent of 5000 is 50.  50 skiers and rider is not a lot.   JH has instructors, back country guides, patrollers, and the ever stealthy Jackson Hole Air Force.  Somehow I think even the great Bob Peters may have a hard time being in the top 1 percent on any given day at Jackson Hole.   

Very good points.  Perhaps in my original post I should have put in an exception for pro skiers.  But not instructors, I haven't met many who have really impressed me.  I still take lessons now and then and sometimes I am the better skier by the instructors own mouth, but that doesn't mean I can't learn something from them.  Once in a while I get lucky and get and get a true 1%'er.  Those lessons are the ones to remember.



Rick G




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Strange. I don't know you.

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

at stowe, none of those guys including me are a 1 percenter. Maybe a 5 percenter for some of us.

Ahhh, I remember that Bumphest day at Stowe.  Goat 2, Phil + Kevin 0 if I recall correctly...


I've skied Stowe enough to know that I'm probably not in the top 50%.  And I'm ok with that.  cool.gif

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I'm in the top 1%...






in GNAR points...






in St Louis...





in October.  But I do have World Series tickets, so ... I'm so much better than you!




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I am the absolute best skier on any mountain, every single time I go out.........when I'm the only one on the mountain wink.gif



I'm good enough to know what I can do, and not good enough to be above asking for help or advice.  I hope I never am.


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There was this one time at a tiny mountain, during night skiing, right after they reopened following some thunderstorms that I might have been a 1%er. 


It was glorious! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post

Ahhh, I remember that Bumphest day at Stowe.  Goat 2, Phil + Kevin 0 if I recall correctly...


I've skied Stowe enough to know that I'm probably not in the top 50%.  And I'm ok with that.  cool.gif



Goat 3, Phil + Kevin + LP = 0. Plus your ski. Some "last run" of the year!

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My daughter thinks I am a super hero, she is only 11 months though.

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Rickg guess what you, you probably are a 1%er at almost any ski resort around these days especially on lift served terrain on the weekends.I grew up skiing in the seventys and eightys when their were a ton of great skiers.I have skied the last four years and can honestly say i have crained my neck on the lift maybe four times to watch someone who was actually ripping and making linked slalom turns from top to bottom in all conditions.The majority of skiers nowadays are old geezers like you and me and the rest of the guys who love this website.The great skiers nowadays are in the park rippin it up on their snowboards;why couldn't any of you guys force a pair of slalom skis on your teenagers and give me some entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( i get a break cause i have girls who search for the best pine cones and a possible squirrel sighting on the way down )Oh and i don't count the guys who hike and climb to some unknown cliff in some unknown part of the mountain on their fatties.So yeah rickg you probably are and i have no problem with it; good luck and keep doin your thing baby!

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Ok, here's my observation.  I ski better than everyone I know, except for the ones that I met skiing (or through skiing related activities).


Or at least I did, till my son got better than me...

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

My daughter thinks I am a super hero, she is only 11 months though.

Little does she know what a Joker you really are.

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I'm pretty good at trying to have the most fun on the mountain....I strive to be in the top 1% for that.  I don't care anymore about anything else.


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Tyrone Shoelaces and Bob Peters are given an automatic bye in this thread.  Well beyond 1%



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I thought i was a 1%'er, until i skiied JHole a couple years back, man was i so incredibly wrong. Certainly was a wake up call.

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I was skiing one weekday afternoon in a real downpour at a little resort. I know I was in the top 1 % that day because as soon as I told the lift operator I was done, they closed the mountain. But that day, I think the test booth where the expert panels collect and compile the skier rating data was closed.

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Everyone needs to get the hell off their high horse. The guy clrearly said for fun and I don't care how much "ego" you have I can guarantee you that you see people and "go man they suck." CLearly you have to rack and stack to decide that. Whether or not you chose to share is another thing but deep down I know you have some kind of judgement as to how you ski versus others.

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Are you kidding me? I'M The best skier on the mountain!

All kidding aside, out of nebraskans im a 1%'er

On my local hill im probably in 5% (mostly Nebraskans on the weekend and a few shredding locals)

Any other place 50%

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Whenever I think I'm at the 99th percentile, I run into someone who's at least 10 times better.


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I might be in the top 1% some days at my mountain, but that would only prove that there are lots of bad skiers on the hill that day. And no way at a place like Verbier or something. 

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I thought I was doing well, then my son toasted me when he was skiing on telemark equipment. Oh well, at least I broke my leg at the end of last season so I have a ready-made excuse when that happens again this Christmas.....



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I ski Squaw and here everyone is the best skier on the mountain :-)

Seriously, between resident ski stars and locals who regularly make those stars look like amateurs, that 1% is safely covered.
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I don't want to start a new thread here, but Squaw strikes me as one of those places where the 1% is pretty elite. 

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You guys need to quit screwing around...this is a serious subject.

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The last time I was in Italy, I was in the Monterosa area during a qualifying event for the Freeride World Tour, so I was nowhere near the top 1% on the mountain.


The last time I was in France, I was in Val d'Isere during the WC race and rode the bus with a couple of the racers, so I wasn't even in the top 1% on the bus.


The last time I was in Austria, I was in St. Anton during some big convention with ski demo teams from all over the world. Sometimes, I wasn't even in the top 1% on the lift chair.


The Alps can be quite humbling.



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Yeah, last time I was at Verbier Kenneth Branson was there. So I was nowhere near the top 1% richest people at the hill. Not that I ever am...

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