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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

One year post injury and well enough to go ski mountaineering for a week in the NZ Alps last month.  Pretty much healed I would say.

Looks Bueatiful! Congrats on your recovery.
I'm stretching and foam rolling my hamstrings, while I wait for the sunrise, so I can go for a bike ride.
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Mine's not as bad as yours, but it will still take some time to recover fully.  I pulled mine Waterskiing 7/27 and then I reinjured it in September. It was probably weakend by the total hip replacement I had in February.

Lot's of stretching, hot/cold therapy and sports massage have helped.  Plus I spend a lot of time in the pool.

Good luck with your recovery!

Yesterday I got behind on a start and could feel the muscle fibers stretching. Plus I forgot my barefoot shorts.
My ass is killing me today.
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Ok, so I pulled my left hamstring this past August 2015 while water skiing. I heard and felt it pop. While I hadn't slalom skied in 6 years I didn't think I would have any problem getting up. Wrong! 😞. Hurt pretty badly and was very nauseous by the time I reached the end of the dock. Actually went to the emergency room since I was traveling In two days time and needed to see an ortho quickly (our regular orthopaedic was on vacation at the time). I was told the emergency room would order a MRI which I knew I would need to really diagose what had happened.

Emergency room doc said an x-ray would be sufficient to show if my hamstring tendon had affused from either my pelvic bone or knee. The pain was on the outside of my left knee and about 4 inches above the back of my knee. X-Rays came back negative for any affussion. They sent me home to see an ortho the next day.

The next day I saw an orthopaedic who said I just pulled it and to ice and start PT immediately. I again asked if we needed an MRI. I was told no, but I was okayed to fly to the Calgary Stampede the next day.

13 days later and about 150 miles of walking later, ran into our friend and regular Orthopaedic, Seahawks team doctor, Dr. Ed Khalfayan, at a social function. I was still limping significantly and I teased him that he could not go on vacation since i had hurt myself. Ed's first question was whether my hamstring had accused off my pelvic bone. I said no according to the x-ray. You might imagine his reaction- "what an xRay???? Cristina, you know they can't tell anything from an x-ray. What about an MRI?" I explained no MRI. Shocked that the ortho would not get a MRI, Ed told me to lay down and examined my hamstring. Unconvinced that it was just a simple mid-hamstring tear he ordered a MRI for the next day.

Two days later, Ed called to tell me that the MRI revealed that one tendon had completely affused off my pelvic bone and the other two tendons were torn at my pelvis. He was very concerned about the PT that had been previously prescribed and by all the walking I had done. Ed indicated the MRI findings put me into a bit of a gray area especially since I was now almost 16 days post injury. He explained that I had three options. 1) do nothing and wait and see (worried about sciatic nerve issues), 2) immediate surgery the next day with a 6 month recovery minimum, or 3) experimental plasma enriched injection which many of the Seahawks and Mariner players opted for.

I opted for Plasma rich Injection (PRP), crutches for 3 days, light walking for 2 or 3 weeks and then PT. PT went very well, but for glut and lower back issues from overcompensating. Followed thru with Dr Khalfayan for 3 months and progressed nicely.

BTW, let me tell you all that Dr. Ed Khalfayan is one of the finest, most competent and professional orthopaedics out there. Not only is he the entrusted team doctor of the Seahawks (Go Hawks!) and MarinerS, but in my family alone, he has done in the last two years a complete reconstruction of my sister's knees which ultimately resulted in the regeneration of one of her completely removed miniscus' (sparing her from a transplant); multiple tear fixes of my son's shoulder after multiple dislocations playing football and then my hamstring. Within seconds of hearing I had a waterskiing accident he asked if it was affused off the bone, did a palpable exam (yes, we were at a social event) and immediately requested that I get and ordered an MRI. Let me remind you of the 2 prior doctors that did not think I needed an MRI. Ed also advised me of several options including a very conservative approach of the PRP injection. This was a minimally invasive shot of my own spun plasma directly back into the two torn tendons connecting two of my three hamstrings to my hip. This was so masterly performed that I literally took one pain killer and thereafter only took Tylenol.

Now, today: my left hamstring feels very good. Minimal discomfort at my pelvic area only when exercising or sitting on hard surface for too long and my glute on the left side is much better. The problem now is my right hamstring is really bothering me unless I use a foam ball every day to roll it out.

My question: I want to go skiing (I'm an expert skier) but I'm worried about both hamstrings at this point (just shy 6 months post injury). Yes, I need to go back to see Dr. Khalfayan, but anyone else with first hand advice on this until I get into see him? Prior to this injury I had never had a hamstring issue, ever. I don't want to reinjure either hamstring. I'm able to walk, take a 1 hr cardio core class without problems, but my left hamsteing is bothering me and feels strained.

As a side note I did rupture my right ACL about 4 years ago and did not have it fixed due to a blood clot (by the time the clot went away the pain was subsiding and I was pretty mobile so opted not to have he surgery. Scarring had re-adhered sort of my ACL so it is pretty tight as long as I do my exercises). I have had no problem skiing. Needless to say, I'm a mess! No, not really but I want to get back to 100%.

I guess if I have to ask maybe I shouldn't be skiing at this time. How long has it taken others to start skiing again after hamstring tears?

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Less than six months, both times.
Snow skiing doesn't put nearly the stress on my hamstrings, that SL water starts do.

I snow ski at a high level and have very few issues with my hamstrings, on the snow.
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