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AT Boot Suggestions

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I’m having trouble deciding on a boot to go with my Dynafit Manaslu skis/ Dynafit bindings.  The last two years, I used the Black Diamond Factor and didn’t find the fit very good, they felt cold, and I was generally disappointed, so I sold them this fall.  Boot length (25) was a bit over a finger behind the heel.   I have a fairly narrow foot and the Factors felt sloppy and caused pain behind the heel.  I tend to have cold feet, and these boots felt really cold.  For DH, I use the Salomon  X3 130 CS in a 25, and can wear these all day – really the best fitting boot I’ve had (didn’t need to do  heat moulding, so the last is 98). 


The intended use will be mostly off piste/off hill in Canadian Rockies, with some yo-yo skiing and some longer climbs/days.


I know that it’s hard to recommend boots via internet, but I would appreciate any thoughts about some boots I’m considering and am open to other suggestions.  I’ll try both on once they arrive in the area.


Boot 1 – Scarpa Maelstrale – There have been great reviews of this boot and I’ve heard that it is narrower for a Scarpa (101 last).  Pros include the intuition liner and lightness.  Reviewers suggest that stiffness is OK.


Boot 2 -  Dynafit Titan Ultralight - Good reviews for the Titan – but not much out there for the Ultralight.  Dynafit doesn’t specify last size, but I heard that they are 102.  Pros include reasonable stiffness.


Thanks ahead of time.

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can't you try any of the above boots on? (monods in banff?  vertical adiction canmore?  )

  also add to the list the technica choshise (sp)   sells for $700, dynafit, replaceable vibram, 100mm last, 110+ flex.  (we have them, just up the road from you)

I'll have a pair in 25 for my self soon, too, and if you add your own liners, you can demo them too.  I have last years agent BC too, and will be selling one of them

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thanks Dave


They don't have any yet (on the boat or at the border).  I probably should not have posted on the bootfitters forum as no one can answer a fit question over the net  - was thinking  about what boots will work.  the Maelestrale  seems like a good travelling boot, with decent DH capability and the Ultralight seems better for descents.   Hopefully, boot will arrive soon.  Will try the tecnica  now too - who sells them around Banff?

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I have Maestrale here now as well as Garmont and Dalbello Virus. (403)288-8556 in Calgary



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technica is at

I will be back at the store in early Nov, but Jr is at the store year round, and is amazing...

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