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Tungsten vs. Graphite vs. Moly

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I just got a catalog in that was promoting a Tungsten wax with described properties similar in purpose/intent to the Graphite or Graphite/moly waxes. I would appreciate perspectives or analysis of the distinctions (or similarities) between the Tungsten and the more conventional black waxes.

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Never heard of tungsten ski wax before.  A very hard metal used in light bulb filaments (ultra high melting point) and as a steel hardener.  Looks like artechski has it in their products (based on a quick Bing search).  I'd be more likely to use tungsten to file the edges of a ski than wax it into the bottom, but hey, I'm going to listen to the rest of the conversation.

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Yeah, I saw the tungsten wax @ Artech as well. I am going there this weekend and will ask in person.

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Haha.   Sooner or later everything ever tried for guns will show up for skis.

Tungsten disulfide  has completely different properties than elemental tungsten.  It has been used as a dry lubricant forever.    You can order some from Amazon or get it from your local hand-loading supplies shop.  


One advantage of WS2 over MoS2 when used as a -dry- lubricant  is that MoS2 has a tendency to adsorb water.   Handloaders know this because they have to coat their MoS2 bullets with wax.


When the two powders are dispersed in a ski wax, that difference is irrelevant.


Tungsten disulfide gets a slightly better coefficient of friction when put under pressure.     That might be a marginal advantage over moly if you ski over rocks a lot.



The takeaway from all this?   Tell me how the *wax* performs, not the tungsten in it.

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