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Tyrolia D9 Carbon bindings DIN 4-14
Specs:CYBER FREE FLEX (+ 10 mm standheight) ABS - Anti Blocking System AERO Toe with FULL DIAGONAL DIAGONAL Heel RACE HEEL LEVER Long POWER BRAKE Dura-Coating DIN 4-14.

Opinion: One of the best binding systems out there. I have tried every major binding out there, and this one is in my top two. The articulated heel piece allows a certain amount of suspension, this reduces the occurence of premature release. But the major benefit is in the reduction of torsional twist on the knees.

NORDICA K11 SL team stock
Specs: Length: 160cm Tip:110 waist:63 Tail:95
Flex: Progressive flex from tip to tail

Opinion: These skis were well used, they are scratched on the top sheets and the bases are thin.... But they are one heck of a ride and super snappy. They have a wood/titanium core so they are far from being spent, but with most race stock skis they never give you enough base for several tunes. So these are really just a throw in with the bindings, but I guarantee they are still a blast to ski.


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