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punisher vs. s3

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hey guys, so i work at a ski shop in southern NH and am torn between a couple pairs of skis.  one of my fellow employees has recommended 2 pairs of skis to me both are extremely different.  first is the scott punisher (not the jib).  86 under foot with a 14m radius @ 172 cm.  he described it as being a playful fun ski that skis very well and can do a little bit of everything.  


The second ski was the rossi s3.  another employee owns this ski and says it is a great ski for everything.  i also know for a fact that i will get a great deal from the rossi rep on this ski.


here is what i'm looking for:  something between 85 and 100 mm underfoot, decent amount of sidecut, twin tip but not necessarily symmetrical.  gotta perform on the hardback.  that is my number one must have.  90% of my skiing will be on groomers.  i'd like to do a jump or a rail here or there but its not too important for me.


the rossi is currently at the top of my list simply because of the price ($240).


if you could recommend another ski and tell me why i will also take that into consideration.  here are the brands we carry: k2, rossi, line, armada, atomic, scott, volkl and salomon.


thanks for the help!!

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What weight and height are you? Since you work at a shop take the demo fleet for a spin on the WROD's around thanksgiving, thats your best bet to find something you would like. If you can get your hands on a nordica fire arrow it sounds like what you are looking for, although it is only 80 underfoot. Line prophets and volkl bridges come to mind as stuff your shop carries. Is it ski haus btw? was in there the other day and it looks like what they were carrying.


EDIT: It looks like the bridge went through a major change this year, no idea how this years skis.

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For a 90% groomer ski in the width range your looking at I would go with the rossi E88 over the S3.  The S3 is a fun ski, but more for off piste soft snow.  The E88 will be a better carver & still provide some versatility.  I haven't skied on the Punisher, but I have owned a few pairs of Missions & they are a fun all around ski, but not quite burly enough for real firm snow.  Personally, I would go with something narrower than 85mm for groomer skiing.


$245 for the S3 is a great deal, I will pay shipping if you want to get them for me biggrin.gif .



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FRom what you describe, the S3 isn't the ski you are looking for--but, at a cheap price it's a nice ski to have for skiing other conditions.


Check out the Icelantic Pilgrim.  I think it'd fit what your looking for.

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forgot about icelantic.  we do carry them.  though they are great looking skis and i think we get a great deal on them, my only concern is this: one of the managers had mentioned to me that though they are great skis, they can develop bad habits as i am relatively new to skiing (i'm originally a boarder).  but i really am beginning to think i'll hit up some icelantics because i haven't heard anything bad about them.  i need to talk to some of the reps wen they come in as the only ski clinic we've had so far was rossi and volkl.


unfortunately for myself, demoing is not an option because the shop only takes the managers to demos.


and as for dimensions, i'm a pretty small guy.  18 y.o., 5'7, and about 130 dripping wet.  i like to rip down the mountain pretty good but won't be doing much for glades or bumps and the park will be a rare occasion.


also, the ski shop is zimermanns in nashua

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I would go narrower like around 80mm underfoot for 90% groomers and 10% park.

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i think i've settled on a pair of 177 nordica ace of spades from last year.  seems to be just about everything i'm looking for and the guys at the shop say they skied great.  and at $250, I'm not gonna pass up that deal

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First let me say that your posting of your "insider" pricing is both unprofessional and inappropriate in this forum.  Your deal as a shop employee is for use only and shouldn't be shared with anyone and that price you are given shouldn't be shared as well.  The rest of the world is forced to shop around to get the best price while the ski industry trips over each other to get industry professionals (Ski Instructors, Patrollers, Shop Employees, and others) to use their equipment.


The S3 is a fully capable ski with its mix of rocker and camber.  I have own a pair myself and they are a great ski.  I also ski some carving skis as well and the S3s are completely different.  As long as you keep in mind that your skiing style should change with each type of ski either will suit your needs.


PS:  I skied the Atomic Theory at a demo last spring and that thing ROCKED.  I would consider that as well.  But if Atomic won't give you a sweet deal, then...

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Originally Posted by CTEAGLE View Post


PS:  I skied the Atomic Theory at a demo last spring and that thing ROCKED.  I would consider that as well.  But if Atomic won't give you a sweet deal, then...

What are your specs? I have taken a look at the Atomic Theory and read some reviews. I am looking in that all-mountain, mid-fat twin category. I have skied the S3 and enjoyed it - but there's something - I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's just missing something that prevents it really doing it for me. Am interested how you think the Theory goes compared to the S3.

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