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Wall sits and upill backwards running a waste?

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These exercises will train and beef up backseat skiing muscles.


Are they a waste for performance skiing training?


I know alot of athletes do both.

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While you may not want to train muscle memory of bad positions, my thinking is that we all get a bit back seat from time to time, so its probably a good idea to have these muscles to help get back into a good position.  FWIW, they had us doing wall sits in a pre-season ski fitness class at the Silverthorne rec center last year.  One of my PTs had me doing them as part of my ACL rehab also...


Never done the backwards uphill running, but have done backwards step ups as part of PT (and later generally conditioning) 

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I'm not a fan of wall sits or ball wall squats, which is a similar exercise. While it does develop the quads, it takes the core out of the squat. I'd much rather see someone do proper squats, single-leg squats, split squats, or deadlifts. 


I do think there's a small place for them in a rehab setting - post knee or hip surgery, for those who don't yet have the stability for any of the above. But even then, it should be short term until they are strong/stable enough to do the aforementioned.  


Backwards uphill running seems a bit circus-y, but will probably give you a good posterior chain workout, although may be a bit hard on the knees. I would probably prefer either forward uphill running or backward walking.


If you have access to sleds, that would be even better, but they can be tough to come by. Although if you can get out the old wooden toboggan and pull a partner along the grass: old-school sled! Try dragging it walking backwards, dragging it facing forwards (hands on a rope about chest level), pushing it, dragging it with a duck walk,. and dragging it as you walk sideways. Ideally you would work up to using an adult as the weight on the sled, so maybe start with some rocks or something like that and work up.



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Cool, good to know that pulling stuff is good.  At Dick's I saw a parachute you strap on to your trunk and run with.  And then my gym has giant rubber bands you can tie to a pole and run against.


I do squats and front squats.  I can do pretty lame 1-legged squats, but find I lose balance if I go too low.


Anyway, I may leave out the wall-sits (as I don't do them).

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I like wall sits b/c they are easy to do & just about everyone can feel the burn after a few seconds.  Try them w/ 10# or a Kettel bell in one hand & then on a foam or rocker board!

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you can do 1-legged squats with a bosu or other object, put your non-weight bearing foot on the top of something about 8" high (and stable) and as you squat (with good form) leave about 95% of your body weight on that foot on the floor. You can then use the foot on the object as much or as little. Very good for isolating the quad and getting extra reps out.



these are pretty cool too.

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Yeah, these are great variants & easy to pull off. I also like medicine ball twists from a rocker board wall squat!
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

these are pretty cool too.

Thank you, Finndog!  These are my new favorite exercise.  Definitely feels like its got to be one of the best balance/skiing exercises out there.  I was heavily involved in the two-leg version for several months, but now the one-legged version adds a whole new dynamic and really hits the stabilizer muscles.

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