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Quick question about length for Kastle MX88's

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Some background about me first.  After 4 years of skiing on rentals I have finally decided that it's time for me to get my own ski equipment.  I consider myself and advanced-intermediate to advanced skier.  I ski on the east coast and can ski the black diamond groomed runs where I ski (primarily NY) with no problem.  As you might have guessed, I primarily spend my skiing days carving down groomers, but this year I'm looking to branch out and explore new terrain types.  I especially want to get into tree skiing.  I also enjoy the technical aspects of skiing more then straight up speed.  I'm quite a skinny fellow at 5'6" and 130lbs.


Now for the actual question.


I have a chance to get a good price on a set of used Kastle MX88's with bindings.  Needless to say I got exited when I found a set of Kastle skis that would fit into my low budget for skis and bindings (up to $700).  However, they are the 158cm length.  The rentals I have skied for the past 4 years were all around the 160cm length so I'm used to a shorter ski.  My question is, are these skis going to be too short for me in the long run?  I guess as a skier who is looking to improve his technique I'm worried that I might "outgrow" these skis rather quickly.  What do you guys think?

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IMO..quick in the trees but pretty short on float.

Probably would arc pretty well if you stand on them but get real squirrly without edge lock.

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They should work well for you so long as you don't suddenly decide to get fat.

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that's what I was thinking, just wanted an outside opinion from some people who have a little more experience then I do before I pull the trigger.  Thanks for the reply!

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Probably not a great tree ski in that length, but if I were your size and skiing on the East Coast, I'd probably go the same.  (Since I weigh 75 pounds more and ski the Sierra, I went for the 188s.)

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I am 5'6" and a bit heavier and ski the mx88 in 168cm,(best all round ski I have had):i think 158 will be a bit short , the 168cm will work great in the trees if not to deep but I find they can dive easily if the going gets deeper
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My wife is your weight, skis the 168. I'm 165 lbs, ski the 178. The reason it's a great deal is that it's got a limited buyer profile. 

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I could get a pair of Fischer Motive 84's, another ski that has gotten great reviews, in 168cm for basically the same price.  How do you think they would compare?  I think I'm leaning towards the Motives slightly just because I feel like with that extra length I would more room for improvement and a little breathing room if I get a little bigger.  In other words, I feel like I wouldn't "outgrow" them in skill or physically as quickly as I might with the MX88's  Opinions?  And thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it!

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^^^ Fine skis, as far as I know, good reviews. Great for a lighter skier. But totally different feel, mission, and handling than the MX88's. I'd be surprised that if you like one enough to own it, you would also like the other. Suggest besides looking for price points, you think about what kind of ski you like, damp, lively, soft, stiff, and so on. Narrow things down to a couple of candidates that share the qualities you want. Then go looking. 

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