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QuikCoach - Mobile Sports Video Analysis

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This is not an advertisement, but more of a look to get some ideas from the ski instructing community. I've been developing an app for the last few months as I wanted something that was portable (put on my tablet or mobile) that I could use to record students and then whilst on the chairlift analyse what they are doing with them. Also to have the ability to share that with them via email or bluetooth so they could take it away and work on certain points.


So I got some help and after some long nights, QuikCoach was born. I've had lots of feedback from the other ski instructors in New Zealand via the NZSIA. But what i'm looking for is what does everyone else in the community need and want. Hopefully with a bit of work I get something out there for everyone that is useful. I have a very cheap full version and I also have a free Lite version. I love instructing and making a useful product for other instructors is really enjoyable.


A quick run down about QuikCoach, but full details can be found at http://www.twicely.com/quikcoachand also https://market.android.com/details?id=com.twicely.quikcoachapp


QuikCoach is a mobile sports video analyses application for tablets and mobiles. QuikCoach gives coaches and instructors the ability to quickly record and analyse their students performance. This not only gives them a quick and easy way of analysing video, but also gives the student important visual feedback on what they are doing wrong or more importantly doing right. QuikCoach has been developed with the help of coaches and instructors from many areas of the sports industry.

The great thing about QuikCoach for skiing, is that it can be put into your coat pocket or ruck sack and pulled out whenever you need it. Imagine you've just filmed a student skiing, once you get on the chair lift you can start the video up again and analyse it with them.

Features – Both Versions Lite and Full

- Record video
- Draw over the video for analysis
- Change the colour of the pen
- Basic video control, play and pause

Features – Full Version Only

- More video analysis tools, including angles and lines
- Change pen drawing size
- Mirror analysis
- Slow motions video speed control
- Analyse more than one video at the same time, upto 4 videos (only for Android 3+ and tablets)
- Step through each frame of the video (only for Android 3+)
- Share the video or analyse (only for Android 3+)


Would be great to hear all your thoughts. And if anyone is interested i'll be walking about the SIA Snow show in Denver and also the show in Paris in November. So if you see me i'll be happy to give a quick demo.


Thank you

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Very interesting.  I am willing to try this. It looks like I'll have to wait though because I have an ipod.  Is that right?


I am interested in hearing what the New Zealand ski instructors said.  How they used it, did the l=clients like this approach?


Was is easy to see on the screen with the sun outside? What if it snows? 


Even if we do not use it with clients on the hill, we can use it for indoor training sessions on movement analysis.


Nice idea!



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Yes we've got an iPad version put we're trying to make sure that it's perfect before releasing. So it's probably going to be a

few week before we can get out there. 


The New Zealand instructors pretty much only had plays with it and i'm taking back next year with the hope I get some devices

out to different people so that they can take it on the hill and use in real situations. But overall the feedback has been amazing. They

see a real use for it. It's been hard because i've only had one device on me, but once i'm getting some stock in I can start to give people

devices to go away with.


The screen glare issue can be fixed. We're putting together some packages, which will include a rubber casing and also anti-glare

sticker for the screen on both iPads and Android tablets. We suggest that setup for situation where you'd be outside. Also the iPad you

can see the screen pretty well in sun, and i've been using the Motorola Xoom perfectly on sunny days.


I'll be sure to keep you updated on the status of the ipad app. We're working really hard to get it out there. Android was always our

main focus, but we've realised that iOS is also very important.



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Very interesting. Im wondering how these work in cold weather. Im conserned about the battery.

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It really depends on the device. I've heard reports of iPhones and iPad depleting quickly under those conditions. Batteries in general don't like extreme cold weather, but moderate cold will not effect most devices. Also try and recommend that people get certain accessories with their device if they are using it for ski instructing, for example anti-glare film for the screen and also rubber casing which protects against hard knocks and also keeps the device slight insulated against the cold.


I usually keep it in my coat in a small bag. This means it's easily accessible and also keeps it warm with my body heat.


Hope that help answer your question.

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Jack, I would love to meet up with you at SIA this year, and/or possibly on snow at the demo days following show!  Sounds exciting and useful and easier than V1.



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Used this for soccer and will try it for skiing-



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Hi Bud,


Yes i'll be there. If you email me jack@jackprosser.com we'll have to meet up. Or you can find me on LinkedIn under Jack Prosser http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=145295781




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This sounds interesting and I'd like to give it a try this season.  I couldn't tell; Is there and iPhone version or is there still one to come?

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Looking at the video demo, when one is going frame by frame the user's hand blocks the picture. If the controls were at the bottom underneath the image this wouldn't happen.

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