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Mikespokane brought this to my attention, thought I would pass on.


 rk heliskiing out of Invermere/Panorama BC is having a sale until Nov 10th.  


Heliskiing, 5 runs, breakfast, skis if you want  $731.00  Thats about 230 dollar saving.  I checked out other operations for a one day trip and found this was a pretty good deal.  Other outfits ranged from $1375 to 875 for the basic same thing.  Invermere is closer and cheaper.


If you are interested you can buy this trip as a voucher and use it anytime this year/season.  There are quite a few videos of their skiing etc.


My ski pal and I are going.  FYI

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Booked and paid for - got the voucher so sometime in late Jan or Feb probably.  Will  be lst heli skiing for me.

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