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WTB Fischer RX8 or?

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Hi all. 

First of all, thank you to all of you that take the time to respond to the same questions over and over again (Yes I'm going to ask one of those questions!).


Short version:

I'm looking for a used pair of 06-08 Fischer RX8 in 165 - 170 length.


Long version:


After skiing on straight 195 skis for most of my life, I had given up the sport for 10 years due to back issues.

Now that those are fixed, and I have a 7 yr old that started to ski last winter, I got back on the slopes last year.


Knowing that there was a change to the shaped skis, but not ready to get rid of my length, I bought a used pair of Atomic Metron 182 cm (or so).

I'm 5-9, 170 lbs.

Not sure what level skier (I consider myself and advanced intermediate) but I like the steep groomed or slightly bumpy blues and blacks.  I like going fast and carving as I go.  I can do the moguls, just not real pretty and I get tired quickly.  Maybe 195's have something to do with that!

I'm in WI so our "long" runs consists of about 4 turns!  Mostly man-made crud.  But with my daughter skiing, I might start to take some trips out West.  But, on groomed trails.


I like the skis and I have and learned how to turn them, but I now know that they are too long.  I would like to get something in the 165-170 range.  

I don't have a ton of money but am willing to pay for something a little better.  This ski will probably have to last me the next 3-5 years as I have another kid that is starting this year and I'll have to keep them in gear.  I prefer to buy used.


Over the past years, I used to look at winter and wonder what I'm doing in WI.  Now that I have started skiing, I get to October and say "LET IT SNOW".


I will now hang up and listen to your responses.




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I have an older pair of RX-8s at 178cms that are still my primary ski.  They were a "hot ski" a while back, but are a little passe' now because so narrow waisted, so most folks will now tell you to look for a wider ski to aid in glades/off piste. However, if you sharpen the edges once in a while the RX-8 is very, very good for the hardpack kind of skiing you are talking about, which is similar to what I ski a lot in the mid-Atlantic.  I bought mine at a ski swap for a dollar a cm when they were used for one season.  The RX-9 is quite similar, although for slightly longer radius turns.  Maybe it would be good for you in the length you are considering.  Here's a pair for 100 on ebay that I just noticed:

PS:  welcome to epicski 

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