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Searching for GREAT boots for under $200. Suggestions?

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I've been riding for 12 years, and am now moving to Breckenridge to be a snowboard instructor.  I've always had crap gear and have decided that I need to upgrade for this season.  My last pair of boots were made by Lamar, were very cheap and lasted 5 years.   I ended up calling quits on these boots my last trip when I got Achilles Tendonitis from hiking to back country runs with these worn out boots.

Since I'll be working and wearing them almost every day this season, what kind of boots would you recommend.  It would be nice if I could get at least two years of use riding 100 days in the season.  One last thing, I have big and wide feet.  I wear a 13 tennis shoe but my last boots were size 12 and fit well.  I don't know if they even make 12.5 boots, but those would probably be ideal.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Have you been hired yet? If so, talk to the school director at Breck. See if he can hook you up with a local shop or rep who can give you advice and get you a deal. It does not matter how good the boot are. It's a crap shoot buying boots before sticking your feet in them.

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You definitely have to get the boot that fits your foot.  Out of all of your possible gear purchases, I would spend the most on boots.  Happy feet = a happy day out riding.


Celsius, Ride, K2, Burton, Salomon, Vans, all make quality boots that should hold up for a season.  I recommend staying away from DC, 32 can be hit or miss. 


You should be able to get a deal through Breck as Rusty mentioned.  I would look there.  Plus there are some guys in Summit that are really good at fitting boots.  Probably worth it for you to wait until you get there.  Worse comes to worse, you can always go down to Denver and buy from a shop down there if you can't swing a decent deal in Summit.  I doubt it would come to that.

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+1 on the Salomon's.  I've been using them for the past six seasons.  They have half sizes and they have wide versions too.


Spend the time picking out a boot that fits your foot.  If your feet hurt you can't work.   Think about replacing those stock footrests in the boots with something that fits your feet better ie Aline, Down Unders, Superfeet, .........


You should definitely have the Breck Promotive hookup for boots & gear as an employee.  AASI also has some hookups.  I think the Colorado Salomon Snowboards rep (maybe Atomic) works at Breck too.  I can't remember her name.  Gregg Davis at Breck would be a great resource too.  He's a pretty funny dude too.  http://extremesideslipping.com/

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Yeah I've had a pair of Salomon Malamutes that I've been using since '07. Last day of last season, the loop that holds the internal laces to the liner snapped, but I think it could be a cheap fix. Other than that, they've held strong for four ~25-30 day seasons.



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I ended up getting Salomon Dialogues for $250.  I don't like them.  They've given me blisters on my inner heal.  Anything I can do to help these blisters heal?  I'm taking the salomons back because I got them from REI and am not satisfied.  I've switched back to my 6 yr old lamars that don't offer much support just because the pain is less.  Is there some kind of pain relieving spray I can use until they heal?  I dropped from a 12.5 shoe size to a 11.5 boot for the Salomons.

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Look at blister plasters like sorbothane or a gel patch like footmedics. 


If REI gave you a refund, go find a shop that has a good boot fitter. There are plenty in Summit County. At least now you know what a bad fit feels like.

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