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Presidents Day vacation week crowds Jackson/Telluride

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Last few winters I have gone out to Lake Tahoe.  Planning a different trip this winter and specifically I would like to know  impressions of crowds President's Day Week.


I fly into SLC and will ski my first two days there and then drive either North or South for Saturday to Saturday of Presidents Day Week.  I have hotel reservations in Jackson, WY and Rico, CO.


Jackson would be like 3 days at Jackson Hole, 1 at Grand Targhee and 3 days BC depending on conditions.


Telluride would be 2 like days Telluride, 2 days Silverton and 3 days BC depending on conditions.


Ski most everything going down.  Don't send it like a rock star.



Would Jackson feel like a gong show President's day week or is it big enough especially with the side country to handle it?  I assume if you stay away from the Glory boot pack the bc is not too crowded, right?


Thinking Telluride with its inbound terrain and lifts would handle President's Day week fairly easily, or is it crowded that week?



Weighing other considerations (costs-Telluride; La nina-Telluride; driving distance-Telluride; red dust-Telluride; cooler vibe-Telluride; hotsprings-?)

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I live in Durango and ski Telluride and Silverton Mt. regularly.  I also chase storms to ski SLC and did four trips up there last year. Telluride has small crowds and almost no lift lines, and they would probably be minimal on Pres. Day Weekend, although certain lifts could get jammed up occasionally for a 15-20 minutes if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is unusual.


In my opinion, if you are flying into SLC it does not make sense to me to drive all the way to T-ride/Silverton to ski.  It is probably 6 hours to Telluride with perfect roads/weather, with more time and over a pass to either Rico or Silverton (two from Rico to Silverton either way you go).  You cannot stay in Rico and do guided skiing in Silverton unless you get up in the middle of the night to start driving. Rico has literally nothing going on and is a 30 mile drive over a pass to get to Telluride.  Not a great choice for skiing T-ride unless economy is your only goal, and it is horrible choice for skiing Silverton.  I would suggest Ridgeway if you are going to ski T-ride/Silverton.  More restaurants, hot springs, close to Ouray, and an easier drive both ways. In the past Rico and Ridgeway both had good T-ride ticket deals if you stayed in their motels, but that may have ended.


With all the ski areas and bc skiing around SLC I cannot see why you would want to drive to SW Colorado to ski.  You are trying to pack two good trips into one.  You can stay in one motel for the entire time in SLC and hit any of 10 ski areas, and lots of great bc skiing.  If you want to ski Telluride you could fly to Montrose and rent a car and hit Crested Butte, Telluride and Silverton Mt. in one trip with a lot less driving and hassle. The Cottonwood Canyon areas average about twice as much snow as Telluride, so booking way in advance at T-ride is a much bigger gamble.


Telluride is a very cool place, with great skiing when they have snow. SLC offers better snow and is much cheaper, but the night life is pretty non-existence (just like Rico).  Both places should be skied as much as possible, but doing it on the same trip is going to be a real stretch.


Feel free to PM me if you want more specific info.

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It was prior to the new tram, but I hit Jackson on a big powder day during presidents weekend once.  It was a major gong show. 

People started showing up at the tram at 5:30?


I hooked up with a group of locals that popped for a guide,  just for line avoidance.

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I have never been either place Pres Weekend so maybe I have it wrong, but even in Summit County, the only really slammed days are the Saturday and Sunday of President's Weekend...by Monday the crowds start to back off and the rest of the week seems pretty normal to me.  


Assuming Saturday is a travel day, then you could make Sunday one of your non-resort days and likely avoid most of the crowds either place.  

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Thanks for the responses.  In trying to keep the original post simple I left out some information-I will move to a second hotel to ski Silverton and split the back country between the Rico and the hotel in Silverton if I go that route.  Money is a bit of a driver in this trip and the Rico Hotel may offer discounted tickets-no specific word yet. 


So after say Sunday/Monday of President's Day weekend does Jackson return to a bit more normal crowds?  My experiences the last two years at Kirkwood was that you could not tell it was vacation week.


Mudfoot thanks for the offer for more info.  Still in the data gathering stage as I have booked the flight into SLC and I want to be flexible to find the best snow.  I have skied SLC and the mountains are great.  I just have an aversion to the town and would prefer to journey further afield.  I enjoy driving out west as the visual experience is so stimulating. 

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