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Alpine sking will keep you young......

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A new Austrian study was published recently, named the Salzburg Skiing for the Elderly Study, which aimed to monitor the long-term health effects of alpine skiing on older individuals.

Intermediate-level skiers, with an average age of 67.5 years, participated in a 12-week study, with an average of 28.5 days of guided skiing. The participants averaged 3.5 hours of skiing per day with 68 minutes of actual skiing time during nine to 10 ski runs. The mean heart rate in skiers was 73 percent of estimated maximal heart rate during the 7-minute ski runs and 59 percent of maximal heart rate during the 13-minute recovery phase between runs.


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All you geezers get out there and SKI!!!!!


But be careful out there.

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Makes perfectly good sense to me! biggrin.gif


Where's Ott? 



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