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Side trip from Beaver Creek

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Hello, everyone!


Getting excited for the upcoming season.  I'm looking for some advice on a 2 day side trip from Beaver Creek.  We typically meet up with aunts, uncles and cousins for 6 days during Super Bowl week.  However, after dealing with 2 new kids under 2, we're looking for a little bit of quiet time (kids are not coming along).  So we would like to go somewhere else first for a couple days before joining the family madness at BC.  Any ideas?


  • We would likely be flying into Denver, but won't rule out Eagle
  • We will have a rental car
  • A place within reasonable driving distance to Beaver Creek since that's our final destination
  • Have only skied Vail and BC in Colorado, so any of the other resorts will be new to us
  • Ski-in/ski-out would be awesome, but not 100% necessary
  • We both ski blue and blacks and really don't bother with the double-blacks
  • We're not fancy pants type people


I would appreciate any suggestions or info.








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Oh boy, there are soooo many options.


If you have rental car and Ski in out is not mandatory, then stay in Frisco and ski A-basin and Loveland to give you an experience vastly different from BC.


Frisco can feel very suburban USA, but the old town area is actually charming. There is a very sweet historic B&B in old town Frisco that was one of the first buisnesses in the town with a European feel to it and walking distance to restaurants, etc. Then you could also go to Copper, which is a highly underrated mountain IMHO. They have great back bowl skiing and even free cat rides up to the top of a wonderful ridge. But, if you have only skied Vail and BC, then it could be very cool to do something completly different and do the two 'locals' mountains that have virtually no base area development at all. And Loveland Pass when open is such a beautiful drive, it's worth the price of admission to Loveland alone.


PS: all of these are "on the way" from DIA to Vail

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Aspen....hands down best choice

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We're not fond of crowds, so it sounds like your recommendations might work. 


Thanks for the input so far.

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Aspen is closer to Beaver Creek than a lot of other options.  Also, good timing to go - I went to Colorado during Super Bowl week last year and was amazed by how uncrowded it was on the weekend (including Breck) - even though it was dumping the whole time too.

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Aspen is a super great mountain, but it is not closer to Vail/BC than the summit county resorts, at least not by car.


Google maps directions shows it is about 1:45 minutes to get from DIA to Frisco.

> 45 minutes from Frisco to Vail/BC (Copper is even closer to Vail)

and Shows Aspen as 1 hour and 46 minutes past Vail/BC.


mind you these times don't take traffic or weather into account.


If you flew into Aspen direct and then out of Eagle, that would be a different story, but you said you were going into Denver.


Again, Aspen is a great mountain (and there are three other great mountains on the same free bus service) and the town is unique, so no argument that you should consider it too, just not for convenience sake.


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JayT - We were there last year and got some of that great powder, too.  What a blast. 



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Nothing wrong with the other suggestions, but in case you wanted to stay lower budget before the BC splurge, you could buy a Loveland 4 pack of lift tickets to share for ~$130 and just ski two days there.  Lot of blue and single black terrain.  Can have very low crowds on weekdays.  Has mom and pop feel compared to BC, and on 70 halfway between Denver and BC.    Another different suggestion:  drive past BC and go to Steamboat, enjoy two days of lower altitude skiing while you acclimatize.                                                                                                                              

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       Rent some sleds (snowmobiles) Hwy 24 between Vail/ Leadville get wayback in the hills, if the snows good you will see some of the best county in the USA!  White Mt. Tours comes to mind.

If burning fossil fuel is not your game, I 2nd Aspen, the Highlands for a day, but if you never been, better plan on three, Mt is as big as the Motor City    :) 


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I agree with the Aspen suggestion. If that's not to your liking, then how about Steamboat? Spend one day at the resort acclimating, the next with Steamboat Powdercats on Buffalo pass cat skiing? A bit pricey, but worth it.

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I'll throw Copper Mountain into the mix, but it depends on a lot of factors including budget and how many days you are skiing total (including BC).  If it is 7 or more, then it probably makes sense to get an Epic Local Pass for $499 and using it at BC/Vail and beforehand at A-Basin, Keystone and/or Breckenridge.  I added Vail because it is on the same ticket/pass as Beaver and not very far away.  I like BC a lot, but if you are there for a while, I would hit Vail at least 1 day.  


If you are doing 3 days or fewer at BC then you have lots of options for the 2 days as you will be buying tickets anyway (expect to pay $100/day at window but less if you buy online or find a deal, which are hard to come by for BC unless you know a pass holder with discounts).  The Loveland/A-basin combo could be a nice one but won't be ski-in/ski-out...Copper and the rest could be depending on where you stay.  As Mom pointed out, all these resorts are on the way from Denver to BC.  Aspen is great, but is more "Fancy Pants" and would require extra driving.  I show all the CO ski resorts on a map here  


The Epic pass prices may go up October 16 and will likely go up substantially mid-November- the time to buy is now if you are going that route!

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