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should custom footbeds be noticeable to the feet?

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I have custom footbeds.  Every time I put my feet in my boots I feel the footbeds' bulges under my feet.  Should that be the case?  These are the hard footbeds that were shaped with me sitting and placing my feet on a funny feeling support that formed itself somehow to my foot.  It's been a while since I did this and I've forgotten exactly how it was done.  Something on the bottom was "posted," I think.


All along I thought I could feel the bulges in these things because my usual shoes don't have any footbeds and my feet are just not used to the support.  But recently I read somewhere here on Epic that footbeds should not be felt if they are made right.


If that's right, then how could the footbeds have gotten misshapen?  The person who made them knew what he was doing.

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do you feel the lumps/bumps after your feet are in them for a while?  It should go away in 5-10 minutes or wearing them


do you use a custom footbed/orthotic in other footwear?   if you are not use to support it will feel strange


if it does need re-moulding, odds are it just needs to be heated/flattened/re-moulded. Footbeds can get mis shapen with heat, time, foot changes etc.

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Yes, the odd awareness of bulges does go away after a while.  No I don't wear orthotics in any other footwear.  


I've always wondered about these footbeds, but assumed that since they feel fine after a while it must be ok.  It was just the comment in another thread that gave me the idea to ask.



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I don't know if they should be noticeable, but they likely will be noticeable, especially if you have a rigid foot that isn't flexible enough to conform to a few insert.  People with rigid feet can have a more difficult, or longer, "break in" period for custom orthotics.


^^^ As mentioned above, your muscles can get used to the new position pretty quick, however the amount of time can vary.


Not feeling right = Not made right?


Not really.  What your foot needs and what may feel right are sometime different.


Actual mileage may vary, proceed with caution.

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there are more variables then just the footbed.


steps to take:


go to a bootfitter or the bootfitter that built and installed your footbed.


have the fitter inspect your foot, your footbed, and the interfacing of your footbed to your liner, your bootboard, and your shell.


in theory after going through your set-up, the fitter should either be able to fix or change any of those parameters that do not look right.


if there are no red flags, go ski and know that each time you put on your boots, you will feel the bottom shape of  the footbed for a few minutes before adaptation occurs.



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I am seeing my boot guy this weekend, and will take all this info to him.  

Thanks for all the input.  It's helping me feel equipped to talk intelligently with him this time.



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