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video editing software

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my corel video studio crapped out and will no longer load.  I tried downloading the latest version but can't install.  Both errors state that my screen resolution doesn't meet requirement, but my computer is newer and the settings are way better than the minimum requirements.  The software worked a few months ago but no longer.


After not hearing from tech support for 2 weeks I am thinking about trying a new program...any recs?



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I've used pinnacle studio for a few years, but I am now switching to sony vegas.  It is better.  Pinnacle studio made choppier looking videos and had trouble with quick movements (like mogul skiing movements) and also had trouble making a clean cut between shots.  The speed sometimes didn't even look right on pinnacle.  Sony vegas doesn't have any of those problems.  The only trouble I've had with it, is you have to be careful that there isn't a split second break between shots... for some reason it likes to put a little space in between if you're not careful. 

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right now I am considering Cyberlink PowerDirector 10.  I download the trial software and so far so good.  

I still have corel trying to fix my problem with videostudiox2 but I am growing tired of trying new fixes.  One of the fixes froze my computer and I had to do a hard reboot.

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Do you have windows 7? If so give windows movie maker a try. It's free. If you feel like paying, here are the top 6 video editing programs as voted by lifehacker readers. Yes I know how awful previous windows editing software was but please don't write off windows movie maker because of what they've done in the past. It is seriously easy to use and can do most of what your average video editor wants to do. 

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I use Pinacle and am very happy with it. 


I've heard the Movie Maker for Windows 7 is good and free.

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yes i use windows 7... i wasn't aware of movie maker.  i will have to check it out


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thanks for windows movie maker.  it is exactly what I need as  don't use all the bells and whistles.


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final cut pro or adobe premiere are the best but imovie and movie maker or a quick an easy option

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You can get trials of most of the big names. Avid used to be the pro standard, I use Premiere, and Vegas is popular as well. Apple recently dumbed-down Final Cut, so it is now not really a pro app, but it has become much more user-friendly.


A lot depends on what you're producing and on how much experience and skill you have.

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If you have a new nvidia card, get adobe premiere pro cs5. Using the mercury engine speeds up rendering.

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Cheap? Works? iMovie.

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You can torrent any software you want. Personally, I use Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CS6. If you want those, you can look up how to get them on YT. I'm thinking of trying Pinnacle soon too, though...

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I switched to Mac and don't regret it but the current version of iMovie just doesn't cut it.  Windows Movie Maker is better - any of the recent versions.  From reviews I've read, I'm not alone in that opinion.  Frustrating because all I need is something basic and I'm trying to purge the one remaining Windows PC from my house.

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Use iMovie if you want to save money.  If you want to step up your production quality, then look at Adobe Premiere or even FCP X.  I originally used Premiere, stepped over to FCP 7, and am happy to be back using Premiere.  What a great suite of programs if you get the Production Premium Suite.  Also, look for academic discounts if you or another member of your family qualifies.


Have fun editing all your cool footage!


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