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Ultimate Ski Bum Contest

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Ultimate Ski Bum Contest


If any bears enter the contest and need some votes let us know. 


I personally can't take off from work for that many free days of skiing.  mad.gif

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I would totally love to ski bum!  Thanks for sharing!


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Originally Posted by catskills View Post


If any bears enter the contest and need some votes let us know. 

Thanks to your post here, I entered this contest.  If I were to win, I am willing to put everything else on hold & do this thing.  What better way to show off my new skis

Epic 007.JPG


from the "Places we'll go" thread


I need to garner as many votes and positive comments as possible.  Voting started today & closes on November 13th.  So I am asking for everyone's support.  Please follow this link to make your comment & cast your vote:


What do you all think?  Should I start another thread on here to campaign for votes?






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Just cast my vote. Yes, I think you should start a new tread in order to get as many votes as possible. Hopefully Nolo will then put your tread in the carousel.

I would also use FB and any other social media, I'm sure you're in it to win, not just for the ride        ( parafrasing Willie Nelson ). If you do the FB thing, then add me - Mads Hagen and I will send the cry out to my app 2.350 FB-friends, many of them skiers.


I hope you win and the best of luck!

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Thanks Mads!  Saw your comment & sent a friend request on FB.



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Put the cry out, will do so more times over the next days. Hope it'll help.  Again, the best of luck!

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Definitely post a new thread.  We need to marshall the forces.


I've already cast my vote.  If I can figure out how to "vote Chicago", I'll vote often in addition.  wink.gif


Good luck!

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You got my vote, and my posts on Facebook!


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Thanks Bob & Tricia,

I will start a separate thread tonight or tomorrow. 

Most of the comments just say "Facebook user", so I cannot always say thanks individually.  So if you have voted thanks a bunch!


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Sounds good

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