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Where can I find the best deal on a Ski/Snowboard Jacket?

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I have been searching everywhere before the season starts for a jacket. I've looked at Steep and Cheap.com, my local ski shop, and hell even Salvation Army. I havent found anything yet.. Except a few days ago on Steep and Cheap. There was an Oakley jacket on sale 70% off, $79.99... I didnt have enough money on my debit card so I couldnt get it... Anyway, I'm looking for something on a HUGE sale and lightweight but will still keep me really warm. I dont want to look like Randy from the Christmas Story when i ski hahaha. Can anyone help me?? PS: Is online a good shopping choice??? Thanks! :)

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geartrade, departmentofgoods, altrec and more. If I had my laptop running I would just check the bookmarks but I blew a power supply and its on RMA.

If I think of more i'll edit them in.

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If you are thinking new, check your local shop and see what they have that you like, $$$ and fit, then google it.

If used works for you, check craigslist, I sell lots of goodies and ski gear there.

Yeah, online saves you a bundle, so check levelnine and sierra trading post, good deals there if something catches your eye.

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Give it a few hours for a reply, as I just bumped a thread for you at http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/227261-STP-Discount-Code-Hookup-Thread?highlight=sierra+trading+post  One of the guys had posted up a 65% off retail code in another thread that I couldn't find and I got a smokin deal at Sierra Trading Post.  Hopefully someone will post up a good discount code for you to use. Your welcomewink.gif


I just got this emailed to me.  http://email.sierratradingpost.com/dm?id=BBAA208A501D33BA987A8C03ADB02EEA

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Oh wow alright.. THANKS! Ill see what i can find quick with this lol.

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Grunge, I know you said a "warm" jacket, but if you are considering a hard shell and layering for warmth, I have A Sherpa 2L shell in a XL that is for someone a bit shorter. I'm 6'2" and it is short in the waist for me, but probably just right for someone 5'10" or less. It is green and a real nice piece as far as steez and finish. Waterproof zips, pit zips, hood and very clean. If the size is right for you let me know .... I'll post a pick.

I'll let it go for $40 and USPS mail cost.

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Sherpa & Stuff 004 (Medium).JPG

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Hmm... I dont know. I'm 5'7" and I usually wear M jackets. That might look a little too big on me haha. Thank you though man! Very nice of you to offer.

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You might want to check these, http://www.epicski.com/t/96549/spyder-mens-ski-jackets-for-sale  I have worn these in some really cold weather in Minnesota and Montana and was never cold in them.  I'm 5'8" so they ought to fit you just fine.

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Hmm. I'm thinking about it. What year are they from? Are they M? and do you do Paypal????

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I don't recall the exact year, but I think they are 11 or maybe 12 years old.  Still in good shape.  By "M" do you mean medium or mens?  The white one is a medium and the burgundy one is a large, although there is not a huge amount of difference in how they fit.  PayPal is fine.

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