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Cupolo Sports

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Has anyone here ever dealt with an e-bay seller named Cupolo Sports? Are they OK? They do have some negative feedback so I'm just wondering..Thanks,
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It's been my understanding that AC knows these folks. Why not pm him?
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Great folks and a great shop. I would definitely reccommedn them. I don't have experience over ebay with them, but i do have experience with the shop and their employees and would not hesitate to send you to them.
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I have experience with Cupolo over Ebay.I'm gonna take a look at the negative feedback..
Here's my FIRST experience with them.
I saw a pair of Dynastar Speed SF's.demo's and a pair of Dynastar Outland's..demo's..no bindings..they were advertised as in good condition..lots of life..base,edge etc., left.The bid started at $9.99..plus shipping..I asked if I won the auction could I pick them up..with no handling/shipping fee..SURE! no problem..THEN I got behind with business(busy)..and asked how much..if they could..store them for a while..FREE!..sure! pick 'em up whenever you want.
I slipped a VERY last second bid in..I won..$9.99..

I go to the Falls now and again..made arrangements to pick them up..fully expecting that for this amount of money you get junk..oh well..

They had these things wrapped up with my name on..I left the store with them..not knowing the condition of them..I wouldda felt..I'dno..CHEAP???..looking at a pair of skiis I bought that were this cheap..

In the car I TORE the wrapping of these things..really good tops,sides,edges..time to flip them over..they even had wax on them..they were ski ready..sure they couldda used a very minor touch up...

Anyway.. that's my experience with them..
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probably the best ebay seller i've every dealt with - good equipment, good prices, knowledgeable and responsive seller, in repeat purchases i've done with them. i would not hesitate to deal with cupolo again. also, they ship fast and in good packaging.
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Take a look around here a little, you will find a thread about Jay and CS. They are held in high esteem. I've had great service on two pairs I purchased from him.
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I bought some new skis with bindings from them a couple of years ago. They were courteous and quick.
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I'll jump on the bandwagon. I have dealt with Jay at CS both through ebay and directly. I can't imagine how anybody could leave neg feedback about them. First class operation, definitely customer oriented, and the prices are unbeatable for first quality gear.
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I helped a friend of mine purchase skis and bindings from them through ebay. He ended up getting a great deal on a pair of Bandit X skis (which he had demoed previously at Solitude) with axial bindings. He paid a fraction of the retail price. They mounted the bindings for free (he emailed them the shell size of his boots) and shipped them to him quickly. I can't imagine not considering them when it comes time for my next purchase.
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My first hand experience for both purchase and return of items has been very positive. Jay Cupolo is the primary contact for internet and E-Bay sales. I have spoken with him a number of times and always found him honest, accurate and timely.
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