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Help me buy a *non-race* ski

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Gasp!  Not a race ski, what's gotten into me?!  Well, I guess it's time to buy one... 

For the past 4 or 5 year's I've just been using my last seasons race skis as my "fun" skis.  This works fine because I only ski the ice of Upstate NY, and if it's really slushy or crudy (like the 3 days a year that happens) I just use a demo ski.  Last season I ended up selling my SL and warrantying my GS skis, so I'm ski less now.  I decided it's time to actually buy a real ski, and I need your help!

This year I'm finally traveling outside of NY up to Maine to ski for a week or two.  Because I'm a poor/cheap student who spends all my time selling other people skis, I haven't really skied anything outside the ice of NY, but this year I will so whatever ski I buy needs to work for that too.  Before I found out I would be going up to Maine, I was going to just grab a pair of Kastle RX's from a friend who likes his MX78's more, but I've got a feeling they're going to be too narrow for Maine skiing.  This means I need to figure out what ski to buy!

About me:  5' 7" 145# aggressive EC skier.  I do everything on the mountain, not trees too much though.  Race for funnzies, but I'd rather be free skiing than on gates. 


I'm thinking about the Blizzard Bushwacker or the Volkl Kendo, skied them both last year and they were fantastic, but given that I'm poor/cheap I'd love to not spend a lot and I have a HEAD pro-form so it would be great to save a couple hundred and get a HEAD ski.  Didn't get a chance to demo HEAD last year and we barely carry any in the shop, so I haven't heard much about their lineup this year.  Anyone have suggestions?

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If you spend most of your time on race skis and get pro form pricing on HEAD, you could do a lot worse than a ski out of the Peak Pro line.  Maine gets bulletproof ice as well as snow, so I wouldn't go too wide or soft with it.  You could probably do the 78 or 84 reasonably.  Wider than that seems crazy to me, unless you've got much better luck with snow than I do or are also bringing a pair of race skis to serve as ice skates.  I've got a pair of Monster iM78's in 177cm that work great as an all-around New England ski.  They've got enough edge hold that they're fine on all but the most crazy bulletproof days, and at my weight (165lbs), they've got plenty of float for a foot or two of fresh, as long as I'm moving at a reasonable speed and not poking through the trees.

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Any thoughts on Peak 78 vs Titan?

If I'm going to get HEAD (which I feel like I should, hence the cheap part) I'm thinking either Peak 84, Peak 78, or Titan but I'm not sure which.


Edit:  HEAD lists the Peak 84's terrain as "powder, open bowls,"  True?  or not?

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I'm not sure the titan will provide much contrast with the world cup SL, the same construction methods and technology plus a similiar turn radius. I feel like the i.peak 84 would give you a wider range in your quiver.

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I love the iM78 and don't care for the Titan.  The Titan's flex profile is a lot less versatile, and in order to bend it effectively at speeds that suit the turn radius, I'd need to be on the 170, which is shorter than I like for the speeds I usually ski.  Its tip is also pretty stiff and wants to spear into stuff moreso than float over it, so while it's fine for boot-top fresh on top of a base, I think it'd be a handful in less consolidated conditions, where the iM78 still kicks butt.


From what I understand, the Peak 78 Pro and 84 Pro have the same construction, so it's just a width thing.  I'm not sure where in Maine you're going, but the places I've been up there all get serious boilerplate.  If I had to bring only one pair, I'd buy the 78.  You can add a dedicated powder ski later for days that are deeper than I ever seem to get. :)

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That's a very interesting point about the Titan regarding the match of the flex and length to the turn radius. I picked up a pair of the 177 cm Titans that were lightly used off the demo rack at Vail last spring. I had been skiing a pair of 170 cm Head Supershape Speeds and thought I wanted a longer ski.


The 177 cm Titan for me at lest seems like a much "bigger" ski for sure.  Maybe too big! I'm 6 ft. 168 lbs. really don't ski very fast , carving as best I can I guess would describe my skiing, do enjoy skiing some bumps in between the groomers. I only skied the Titans a couple of days to end the season. Hoping to get on them again out in Vail first part of Dec. and ski them again. But I do remember the first day on them, they skied me more than I skied them and for me they were a lot more work in the bumps. Things got better as I skied them more.


I think it was Bob Peters here who said the 177cm is a lot of ski, and I would endorse that point whole heartedly from my experience so far.


I'd be curious to ski the Titans in 170 cm and compare now. Too late, though, couldn't pass up a good deal at the time. I think I ended up paying $475 for them with bindings and according to the shop guy he didn't think they were out even ten times over the season.


Nobody wants a stiff carving ski anymore!  Maybe I shouldn't either, just too stupid to know any better!

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