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Who has skied the K2 A.M.P. Rictor or Aftershock?

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Ok I have to say I was kind of drawn in by the bright colors and on paper they sound pretty good but who has actually skied on them and what did you think?

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I have skied both the Rictor and Aftershock...and both skis are two of the better skis that K2 frontside ski has produced in a decade. Even though these evolved from the Recon and Explorer, they are much more substantial skis. We have the Rictor at 80 underfoot and the Aftershock at 85...do you want a ski that is a bit quicker in edge to edge transition or one that will give you a bit more float in crud? Either way, they are both sweet skis. 

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I am open minded on width I am just looking for something to compliment my Wailer 112RP for every day use in the midwest....so it has to be decent on hard snow.  The sizing worries me a bit though.  My first instinct would be to go with the 181 in either but I know K2's tend to run really long or at least they do in some models.  My 189 Hellbents were freaking huge!

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These new K2's are running pretty true to size. For the midwest skier, the Rictor will have a slight advantage. 

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How do either compare to the Dynastar Sultan 85 and 94?  I liked my 85's a lot but I am ready for something new.  I thought about the 94 but to be honest the graphics are ho hum at best and since I spend more time in a lift than skiing in the Midwest I have to spend a lot of time looking at them.


Any idea what the turn radius of the two K2's are at 181cm?

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The Rictor and Aftershock are stronger and better on ice than the these two Dynastars. Turn radius on these two skis are probably about 17 or 18M, I don't have the numbers in front of me. 

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Did you get a chance to ski either of the K2's in bumps?


Just to complicate it a little more how do they compare to the Salomon Sentinels?

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Much easier than the Sentinel in the bumps. 

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I'm in the PNW, home of heavy wet snow. I demo'd both last season and bought the Aftershocks. Very damp, they glide over crud as if it wasn't there. I liked 'em in bumps as well, one of the quickest turning skis I've been on for quite a while. 


A friend skis Pocono ice and loves his Rictors. 

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I'll second dampness on the aftershocks - very easy to hold an edge on ice and through crud. Felt like a fairly big turn when you let them run, needs a bit of steering on busier pistes!

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I am kind of leaning toward the aftershocks.  Now I just need to unload a couple more pairs of skis to pay for them.

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I certainly like my Aftershocks. Here is my review from last season:




Enjoy,      rickp

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