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Size for Blizzard Magnum 7.6

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I've done my research and settled on the 2011 Magnum 7.6 ski.  Seems to be a good intermediate/advanced ski at a decent price. 


I am an intermediate skier bordering on advanced.  I do blues with ease and can manage my way down blacks.  Typically ski east coast( PA, Snowshoe, New England).  I spend 90% on groomed or slightly choppy snow. 


I have 8 year old beginners skis (size 168) and boots and can only go so fast with them without losing control. I am looking to improve my ski performance to reach high speeds with ease. I'm not a bomber (I like to stay under control), but I do want some performance.  I purchased new Lange RX 100 boots this off season to help me improve, and skis are next. 


I weigh 155 pounds and 5'9" tall. 27 years old and in average shape. 


I am stuck on whether to buy the 163 or 170 cm skis.  Do you have any advice?


Also, is it worth spending the extra money to get the 2012 version, or to get the 8.1 version?


Thank you.

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170 should be fine, but will feel like plenty of ski. 163 if you want to rip it up a bit more - 170 to cruuuuiiiise...

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I think you will be very happy with the 7.6. It is a great ski and will perform super at the areas you will be skiing. You will be happy with the 170. 

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Philpug knows his stuff - go with the 170

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I agree with the 7.6 at 170cm, If you go with the 8.1 2012 the ski has an early rise (new in 2012)  and uses the IQ Max Binding.  I ski the 8.1 last year (EAST COAST) and really liked the edge to edge quickness. The 7.6 is a little softer ski and slightly tighter turning radii.   You'll be happy with either ski. 

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I ski it in a 163, and am 2' shorter than you. The 170 should work well. The 8.1 will be alot stiffer and demanding. The 7.6is a fun ski IMO.

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I received my skis in the mail on Friday (Magnum 7.6).  Ordered the 2011 version, but they sent the 2012 version. 


Really made out on this deal!


I'll post a review once I go on them a few times.


Thanks for the help

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Oh, and I got the 170.  Thanks for the input. A little long, but I think that was the right move.

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I believe the 2012 has about 5mm of early rise anyways, that will help with the size if they feel long at first.  Enjoy, I am sure you will be happy.   Dave

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I vote 170. I bought the 174's in the 8.7 and weigh 175. I would not want them any shorter.

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Enjoy your new skis,  Blizzard has been making some great skis as of late. It is one of the most popular skis at our shop.   I demoed the 7.6 last year and thought it skied beyond its intended intermediate buyer.  I think it will be a ski you will enjoy for seasons to come and the 170 length will work well for your size.  As mentioned it has some early rise this year which makes it even more friendly.


Ski on!


Rick G

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Just wanted to let you all know that after a season of skiing, these things held out great. 


Worked well in East Coast conditions (snowshoe, Killington, Seven Springs). I'm flying down the mountain and love the edge i get on these. 


Not good for too much crud.  Thinking a ski with more width would be better.


But a great intermediate ski!

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