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winter break ski town/resort job

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Hi everyone


I'm a college sophomore the University of Wisconsin.  I would enjoy taking an entire year off from school to ski bum, but I don't think it is the best long-term option.  So, I had an idea:  what if I could spend my winter break ski bumming?  I could live the dream for a month without compromising my chances of graduating in four years.  I do realize that affordable lodging and some type of employment could be hard to come by since I am only available for a month.  These two things are necessary because money is definitely an issue.  Oh yeah, and it would be nice if the job included a season pass or some kind of lift ticket deal because I can't afford the amount of days that I aim to ski. 


As far as the mountain goes, I'll be happy as long as it gets a reasonable amount of snow(I'm looking to go west) and has a fair amount of advanced/expert terrain.  I am assuming that snow and terrain will be much easier to find than a one-month job and sub let.


So, my goals are to work, ski a lot, and come close to breaking even financially on the deal.


Has anyone done this?  Think it is possible??  


Thanks for your thoughts and opinions

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Pretty much all the jobs here are spoken for well in advance.  Especially since you wouldn't know the area, just training you for one month would be a prospect killer.  Even the Ambasssador program at the mountain (which gives you a pass, but no wages) requires some knowledge of the area.  Maybe if you wanted to changes sheets on beds, someone might up and quit in mid-season, but... 

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Originally Posted by skiwi24


So, my goals are to work, ski a lot, and come close to breaking even financially on the deal.


Has anyone done this?  Think it is possible??  


Thanks for your thoughts and opinions

It would be difficult in a ski town unless you had connections for housing, job and a pass. Rents will be high and employers generally want people that will stay the season.


I would return to "school" right after New Years, even thought CSU didn't go back till January 24th.

I always stayed at friends in the mountains, shoveled the drive/roof and tried to be the best guest possible. 


You might be able to swing it without connections in SLC?  Get an extended stay apartment and a bunch of 2fers at the bird.?



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Yeah that probably won't work out. It sounds great from your perspective, but employers are going to be looking for someone for the entire winter and landlords/roommates probably aren't going to be too excited about someone paying one month of rent smack in the middle of high season. And you're deluding yourself if you think you're going to trade a couple weeks of work for a free/big discount pass.


You'd be better off taking off the winter semester (no need to take off a whole year) or just taking a week or two ski vacation.

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OK, so i was thinking pretty wishfully.  Those snowbird lift tickets are a great deal.  I might just apply a few places and see what happens, but I won't get my hopes up.  Thanks for the advice

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Firstly, why the rush to finish college in four years? Nothing wrong with taking a year out to ski in my opinion. Or, take out the winter quarter/semester only. A number of my college friends would take out the winter quarter to ski/snowboard.


Anyway, your best option for getting a job quickly would be as a lift operator. Maybe it is different now, but when I was in college it was pretty easy getting a lifty job because there tended to be quite a bit of turnover (lots of flaky lifties). Training for this job is OTJ and only takes a day. I went to Utah while in college after finishing my first quarter of college on year and rented a furnished apartment on a month-to-month basis, got a job as a lifty at Snowbird and rode the ski bus to work and ski every day. I only worked three days each week, which was the minimum to get a pass and just enough to pay for my food and lodging. I recommend doing something like this to everyone.

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TallSkinnyGuy makes an excellent point, Why rush through college and try to force it into four years? This is my fourth year of college and I have a year to a year and a half untill I recieve my mechanical engineering degree. Engineering usually takes over four years anyway but last fall, as my grades were tetering on the edge of probation, I decided to go to school with a course load of 12 credit hours, three days a week and work the other four days a week at my local ski hill. My grades improved along with my attitude. It was the best thing I ever chose to do, and Im doing it again this year. I no longer hate school, and I now have the goal of putting my degree towards the ski industry. Take a semester off and ski bum, or if you live close enough to a hill work there while going to school.

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When i was going to university in the late 60's for Xmas and spring break I would go to Mount Snow in southern Vermont. There was dormitory style lodging called the Snow Barn and they would hire college kids to make beds and clean washrooms in the morning, give you room and board and a half day lift ticket but no wages.

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Echoing some of the others, just take the year off. I did, and it was awesome. And I even managed to graduate and get myself a good job after, that lets me disappear for 4 months every winter to go off and keep the ski bumming going.

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What about doing your JR year (or maybe just the Jan semester) in a ski resort town or nearby...some school have official programs while others will let you transfer back a certain number of credits and still graduate with their diploma (but make sure in advance you are taking the right classes)


If you have taken any French, you could actually consider going abroad to someplace like Grenoble.  If you stay in the States, maybe Bozeman or SLC.  Canada might also be a possibility.  

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Good to hear that there might be hope!


SLC and Bozeman seem like good options if I would end up just wingin' it.  Good bus systems, plenty of low-level jobs outside the ski industry, and some awesome mountains.  Also, I'm doing some research, and Winter Park actually does accept apps from students willing to work over winter or spring breaks.  They'll be getting mine shortly.  Taking a semester off is something that I continue to weigh the pros and cons of.  It wouldn't work this year as I am locked into a housing contract here at school.  Maybe next year.  Dang that sounds weak.  

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Originally Posted by skiwi24 View Post
 Maybe next year.  Dang that sounds weak.  

Uuuuuh, no.  That is an adult accepting that every whim can not be immediately satisfied.

Good on you.  Just make your plans for the following season and take a semester off.

Then again, there is that Mayan calendar thing for winter 2012. Maybe you better just do it nowwink.gif


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