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ski length

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Is a 2002 Rossignol T-Power 9S in 160cm too short for me?

I am 6'2" 175 lbs. I am no top level racer, but certainly feel confident carving ski. This ski would be used only for racing.
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Our L-3 "carving fool" ..... is on that ski in a 156. He's 5' 11" @ 185.

I want a pair.....

But what kind of racing will you be doing? Is a short SL going to help you on a GS? If the course is steep, icy and "technical" they may. It the course is straighter and has some flats a GS will give you more speed.

My son didn't do too well yesterday. The course was not as icy as predicted and he only had his SL's with him. He LOOKED GREAT with those cool low carves, but the kids on the longer GS boards blew him away with speed.

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